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Cassia has always trusted the Society to make the right choices for her: what to read, what to watch, what to believe. So when Xander's face appears on-screen at her Matching ceremony, Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is her ideal mate . . . until she sees Ky Markham's face flash for an

Author Ally Condie

Pages 416

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2011-09-20

ISBN 1101558466 9781101558461

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monika_9807 shared a tip "I think this book was good, however, the next one in the series is so dull I couldn’t finish it!"

Lynn Braden's profile image

labraden shared a tip "Better than Divergent."

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sophdog101 shared a tip "Really good world building and the love triangle has a strong, believable foundation. A lot like the Giver in some ways."

Brooke Hegenbarth's profile image

brooke_hegenbarth shared a tip "Pretty good."

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castrose shared a tip "This book was so good! Unfortunately the sequel was so boring I couldn’t even finish it :("

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emmy07 shared a tip "3/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "A fun start to a fun series!"

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mckay_miller_4584 shared a tip "Yes"

irene_k shared a tip "Easy cool read"

Sarah Hankinson's profile image

sarah_hankinson_4998 shared a tip "It is a must read.Be patient with the first book because the last two are even more awsome ."

Olivia Hillestad's profile image

olivia_hillestad shared a tip "do not judge me i love this book"

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blahblahblah3000 shared a tip "So good"

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elizabeth_taylor_702 shared a tip "Love this one for a good romance and adventure read! #romance #adventure"

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christina_randazzo_9764 shared a tip "Just finished reading this series and I absolutely loved it so any suggestions on books like it"

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grace_craig_8047 shared a tip "Really great storyline and plot! However, it reads a lot like poetry at some points and is a bit vague and cryptic."

rennie_moss shared a tip "Loved it."

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Gi_9713 shared a tip "I really enjoyed it, first book in a long while to keep my entranced and constantly finding myself waiting to read more"

jess_geense shared a tip "Someone suggested this series to me after The Selection and it was a great one to read right after! Loved it!! Thanks!"

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a_louise_tomaske shared a tip "Anyone know a good one like this one?"

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april_scott_4316 shared a tip "Ky"

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basketballfor_life shared a tip "Prob crossed"

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abby_dufort shared a tip "personally, I think Matched is her best work. the other books in the series are good, but Matched is the best"

Leah Walton's profile image

leah_walton shared a tip "Yes! This whole series was so amazing!! 10/10"

Alicia Hill's profile image

alicia_hill_566 shared a tip "Major divergent vibes. 🤪 everyone who likes the divergent series will like matched"

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cw_art shared a tip "Such an interesting concept. I loved it so much and I just need to read the last book in the series."

Nancy Avelar's profile image

nancy_avelar shared a tip "Best books ever **** yes"

Mary Gabriel's profile image

mary_gabriel_5457 shared a tip "Yes"

Christal Shaner's profile image

christal_shaner shared a tip "Teen classic. A must-read for die-hard fans of dystopian literature."

sarah_creech_6430 shared a tip "Such a good book. 10/10 would recommend"

Angela Muzychuk's profile image

angela_muzychuk shared a tip "Fresh"

susan_stephens_4602 shared a tip "I read it so long ago, I can’t remember! Probably the 1st, since I read the whole series. 😉"

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breseis_vargas shared a tip "This book has amazing description for a heart wrenching and action packed teenage love story with a scifi twist."

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dakota_warren shared a tip "It was a fun fast read"

Katie Pfotzer's profile image

katie_pfotzer shared a tip "I really liked this book but i couldn’t get through the second one. The prose is beautiful though!"

Crystal Johnston's profile image

crystal_johnston_4147 shared a tip "Best of the series"

Autumn Uzonyi's profile image

autumn_uzonyi shared a tip "I liked the first book the best."

Destiny O.G's profile image

destiny_o.g shared a tip "Loved!"

Crudawg Connolly's profile image

ali_connolly shared a tip "loveeee this series. i want to buy it!!"

Ashlynn Marrs's profile image

ashlynn_marrs shared a tip "I loved this book, but the other books were a bust and just dragged along."

Veronica Cherry's profile image

veronica_cherry shared a tip "I'm a sucker for any kind of dystopia!"

Crysta Hollenback's profile image

crysta_hollenback shared a tip "Great love Triangle. Read all 3 in the series, they are well worth it."

Julianna Eligino's profile image

julianna_eligino shared a tip "Amazing book! Had a good plot loved the ideas of the poems and the live triangle"

Amber Pritchard's profile image

amber_pritchard_2510 shared a tip "Interesting!"

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bookshelfelf shared a tip "It’s quite an interesting story, a love story about two people who aren’t allowed to be together."

Emily Busby's profile image

emily_busby shared a tip "It's a short series that gets you through each of the main characters stories."

Taylor Matl's profile image

taylor_matl shared a tip "Literally one of my favorite series. I couldn't put it down the first time I read it!"

blair pichola's profile image

blair_pichola shared a tip "This book had me squealing the love story is sooo cute!"

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kelly_graves_6058 shared a tip "Love love love this story"

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