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The New York Times bestseller everyone is talking about.If you could read my mind, you wouldn't be smiling.Samantha McAllister looks just like the rest of the popular girls in her junior class. But hidden beneath the straightened hair and expertly applied makeup is a secret that her friends would ne

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Author Tamara Ireland Stone

Pages 368

Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Published Date 2015-06-16

ISBN 1484706277 9781484706275


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banshee.reviews shared a tip "Kind of slow at first, but it's a calm read with a great plot twist and fairly engaging story for a slice-of-life YA."

Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Really loved this book!"

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simplyalora_official shared a tip "I love the romance and the respect of poetry and the plot twist was so sad"

Beverly Martinez's profile image

beverly_martinez_7685 shared a tip "I remember reading this and never wanting to put down the book or let it go. I loved it so much and definitely recommend it!!"

Kali Onstott's profile image

kali_onstott shared a tip "The characters are lovable, and real. It all feels realistic, and serious and overall a really good book."

soph 's profile image

sophia_florentino shared a tip "i cried"

brookie 's profile image

brooke_bartscher shared a tip "I thought this book was really cute, and it does a great job going into detail with the struggles of OCD and anxiety."

Kaiya Lambert's profile image

kaiya_lambert shared a tip "the plot twist though 🤌"

Detective Pinkerton's profile image

detective_pinkerton shared a tip "Legit my all time favorite book. I relate to the main character so much and this book is what got me into poetry ❤️❤️"

ally_codelle shared a tip "That plot twist tho got me trying so hard to pick up my jaw fr"

Jordyn McMullen's profile image

jordyn_mcmullen_3243 shared a tip "Best book ever. Has a great twist at the end!"

Samantha Reed's profile image

samantha_reed_9814 shared a tip "Binge read the whole thing In a day absolutely loved"

Kaylee 's profile image

kayleeanna_gladback shared a tip "The plot twist made me physically close the book and take a second to think. Loved it!"

Ella Eckerley's profile image

ella_eckerley shared a tip "Love and hate. Did I expect the ending? No. Am I overly mad at it? Also no. I think the author did amazing. Recommend ! "

cassandra_soto_6285 shared a tip "had to read this book for english class and loved it!"

julia_5908 shared a tip "This book was very refreshing and enjoyable and I couldn’t put the book down!!!"

M:) 's profile image

mreadsalot shared a tip "holy freaking cow. just finished and the PLOT TWIST!!! my jaw dropped literally. i loveeee it!!!!!!! <3 definitely recommend"

casey_1988 shared a tip "Read it without having any idea what it's about and I promise you won't regret it"

monster_. shared a tip "The suspense kept me going man, great read!"

Sammi Mazza's profile image

sammi_mazza shared a tip "One of my favorite books and it has a major plot twist!"

E. Teiler's profile image

e._teiler shared a tip "The plot twist omg"

Madison Villanueva's profile image

madison_villanueva shared a tip "I’m about to start The Midnight Library by Matt Haig!!"

Ava <3's profile image

slut4katsuki shared a tip "TW: Mental Illness and mentions of sh! <3"

maddie_k_1351 shared a tip "I loved this, it's so relatable."

kaitlyn_9725 shared a tip "LOVED THIS BOOK"

Rileigh 's profile image

rileigh_688 shared a tip "Very interesting for sure…definite page turner, different and riveting :)"

Ella :)'s profile image

booklover8 shared a tip "my favorite book of all time, felt every emotion"

Jenesis  Hetterle's profile image

jenesis_hetterle shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book! The poetry, the romance, the plot twist at the end— just an amazing book overall."

Samantha Pagano's profile image

samantha_pagano shared a tip "One of my favorites too 😃"

sydney_grossbard shared a tip "This book was one of the first to make me cry it’s super good!!"

~ Danielle ~'s profile image

bookish_daniella shared a tip "Biggest plot twist ever. Loved this book and couldn't put It down. So good!"

April Pineda's profile image

april_pineda shared a tip "such an amazing book! the plot twist will get you on ur knees!!! i wish this was more popular and turned into a movie :)"

kymira_g shared a tip "i read this book the beginning of my school year. i really enjoyed reading it."

Emilia Berkowitz's profile image

emilia_berkowitz shared a tip "OMG AMAZING I LOVED THIS"

Drea F's profile image

drea_f_5185 shared a tip "WHEN I SAY THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK. it got me back into poetry and the accuracy of the mc’s ocd is very relatable to me."

Mell 's profile image

kittybliss shared a tip "I really recommend the ghost of us and they both die in the end."

Zoe Kirk's profile image

zoe_kirk_5638 shared a tip "SOOOOO GOOOD!! Definitely a must read!!!"

biancie 's profile image

bianca_6085 shared a tip "my favorite book. read it !"

Macy Brockman's profile image

macy_brockman shared a tip "Favorite book ever"

gianna_arcuri shared a tip "one of my favorite books. read this!"

Yovelle 's profile image

yovelle shared a tip "Love it! ❤️💕💞💓"

Alessia Dichio's profile image

alessia_dichio shared a tip "BEST BOOK!!! Love this so so much💜💜"

ryan jaylie's profile image

ryanisvgay shared a tip "one of those books that leaves you thinking '... literally what just happened' and remains one of my favorite books"

McCherryForTheWin 's profile image

mccherryforthewin shared a tip "Pulled my heart in every direction, I felt like I was going through what the main character was going through. 4.5/5"

Finn Hopkins's profile image

finn shared a tip "There is not a greater book in this world."

mira_. shared a tip "I’m in love with this book and it’s characters. Great teen fiction book."

marah_montalvo shared a tip "Such a great book!"

Bell Rooney's profile image

bell_rooney shared a tip "AMAZING"

celeste_ramirez_9872 shared a tip "Best plot twist. Tragic and romantic"

Noelle Mae's profile image

noelle_mae shared a tip "Amazing book w a focus on me talking health in teens, but w a wild twist towards the end. One of my all time favs"

Molly Murphy's profile image

molly_murphy_2144 shared a tip "As someone with OCD, it was represented perfectly. I love this book with everything in me."

Elyse H.'s profile image

elyse_h. shared a tip "EXCELLENT storyline with exciting love interest and plot twist I never expected."

nyasia carcamo's profile image

nyasia_carcamo shared a tip "it shocked me so much at the end wtf. it made me happy when she moved on."

kelsey_campbell_3287 shared a tip "Trauma must read"

Keelynn Barrier's profile image

keelynn_barrier shared a tip "I loved this book currently my favorite book"

ceci_doerr shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book, It was an easy fun read, and left me in tears... wanting more!!"

adele_parker shared a tip "Honestly this book will forever be one of my favs it is so amazing. The best plot twist I literally cries."

lana_dobson shared a tip "it was a genuine type of book and actually showed a mental illness correctly :)"

Abigail Chute's profile image

abigail_chute shared a tip "It involved mental health accurately while also adding in teen romance"

Emma Richerson's profile image

emma_richerson shared a tip "This book is very good and touches on mental health in a very meaningful way."

Cassie Collen's profile image

cassiecollen shared a tip "I loved this book"

kayleigh_turner shared a tip "my absolute favorite book ever! i’ve read it probably 100 times!!"

Katelyn Royer's profile image

katelyn_royer shared a tip "Shadow and bone I've just started reading and it's good so far"

isabel_hernandez_6047 shared a tip "Its an amazing book that really sparked my liking in reading and 100% reccomend it!"

kaia_garcia shared a tip "gives you an insider on OCD"

Haley Wilder's profile image

haley_wilder_7030 shared a tip "Towards the ending it got interesting but beforehand it kind of dragged along."

christa_miracle shared a tip "this is my comfort book. i am constantly re reading this book. it’s a great story and i love it. 10/10 recommend!!!"

Caitlin Rae's profile image

caitlin_rae_7118 shared a tip "One of the first books that got me into reading. Good twist and even better story!"

faith_hibbs shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book it’s exciting and shocking - I would totally re read and recommend"

Me We's profile image

me_we shared a tip "Eh"

Penelope Conner's profile image

penelope_conner shared a tip "Read this one in a day, absolutely amazing, and very relatable."

Katelyn Miller's profile image

katelyn_miller_0815 shared a tip "This is my absolute favorite book."

Leo Lynn's profile image

Mixed_Genre shared a tip "I have read this book three times and I'm absolutely in love with it."

faith_jacobus shared a tip "i probably ready this 5 years ago and i still is on my mind. just so good."

milayna <3's profile image

milayna_marie shared a tip "Good book for mental health awareness <3"

kamila_malec shared a tip "I loved it, I couldn’t put it down."

lauren 🌸💞💖's profile image

laurenmunar shared a tip "i literally LOVED this book. it was recommended to me by my friend and it literally got me back into reading !! 10/10!"

Lindsey Vogel's profile image

lindsey_vogel_9900 shared a tip "Love how writing was involved in the story"

alyssa goretzka's profile image

alyssagoretzka shared a tip "i wasnt sure ab if i was gonna like it at first but ended up enjoying it"

Levia Kiersten's profile image

levia_kiersten shared a tip "got this for christmas, read it in 3 days, spent the next 3 processing 😭. soso good"

mick 's profile image

limpbizkit2001 shared a tip "the book was pretty boring at times but it was a good book along with a major plot twist"

Rachelle Santana's profile image

rachelle_santana shared a tip "This is one of those books that you think it’s a normal teen romance and then you go wtf just happened 8.5/10"

Madi Foppe's profile image

madi_foppe shared a tip "So hard to choose! I really liked fault in our stars though!"

Allysen Kalash's profile image

allysen_kalash shared a tip "Loved this book ot was soooo good"

Lauren Conway🦢's profile image

lauren_conway_6755 shared a tip "it is definitely worth the read^^"

Karelynn:) 's profile image

karelynn.28 shared a tip "I loved this book, but the plot twist was very shocking. Either way it’s one of my favorite books!✨5/5"

Ashley Jean's profile image

ashley_jean_7434 shared a tip "Very good it really puts perspective on OCD and the ending is so surprising!"

bookieemmi shared a tip "great book"

aislynn_ shared a tip "i loved this book"

Angela Houser's profile image

angela_houser shared a tip "A book of the month from Mr. Shepherd’s class."

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