Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two (Special Rehearsal Edition) poster


Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, a new play by Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. The play received its world premiere in London

Author J.K. Rowling

Pages 320

Publisher Pottermore

Published Date 2016-07-31

ISBN 1781107041 9781781107041


Google 3.5


purple lilac's profile image

lavenderlilac shared a tip "When Ron makes fun of dracos ponytail! 😂"

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drake_lloyd shared a tip "Could read this bad boy in a day"

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abigail_clowers shared a tip "It is such an interesting and amazing spin on Harry Potter. So worth it!"

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dark_shadow_4784 shared a tip "No not really. I havent read it in a while so its not very fresh in my mind but I plan to reread it soon."

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maggie_wells shared a tip "Would recommend reading or at least watching the full HP series beforehand so you understand what’s happening."

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debadrita_ganguli shared a tip "Started reading Robert Galbraith's Troubled Blood.. really liked the previous ones"

Debadrita Ganguli's profile image

debadrita_ganguli shared a tip "I have started Robert Galbraith's Troubled Blood.. I loved the previous books"

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evie_09 shared a tip "A “well- written” script based off a beloved series #drama #ruined"

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tiffany_arpaio shared a tip "If you ever have the chance to see the play, do it. Didn’t regret it at all. It’s better than the book lol"

andre_budnick shared a tip "No I have not, I liked it to let you know I was interested in reading it, sorry for the confusion"

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hollyann_phillips shared a tip "I don't think I have read it yet."

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cotton_likesmusic shared a tip "I am currently reading a book called Thieves of Weirdwood!"

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hillary_whye shared a tip "Yes! All the harry potter books are worth read!"

gabrielle_garrett shared a tip "No i dont think so. That goes for book series too!!"

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desiree_pecore shared a tip "I still am disappointed when I think about this, I have read better fanfiction about the characters."

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kayla_howe_3070 shared a tip "I think so"

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amber_snelling shared a tip "Relating to magic? I read and loved “the house in the cerulean sea “"

kate_boyce_7837 shared a tip "I love this book called pretend she’s here, it is a book about kidnapping but I love a good thriller."

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dylan_barnett_7984 shared a tip "I love the whole series"

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sam_potter_8562 shared a tip "Burn it"

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julie_lewis_2596 shared a tip "What the hell"

sonja_yandl shared a tip "In the Harry Potter Series, the prisoner of Askaban. Over all The Night Circus"

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connie_machuca shared a tip "Yes! I loved it!"

lauren_lumpkins shared a tip "Yes, but it’s gonna be a little weird if you don’t read plays very often."

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semir_seid shared a tip "I loved the part when Harry and Draco team up to find their time-traveling sons Albus and Scorpius."

maddy_7375 shared a tip "Yesss"

awesome_user_506320 shared a tip "Same🥰"

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_kitty shared a tip "I think I like reading screenwriting more than regular books cause they’re easier to comprehend."

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kerry_finnamore shared a tip "Different format (play)"

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thomas_andrucson shared a tip "Read in a four hour car trip, very easy and fun read"

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meee_reads shared a tip "It is thanks for the follow!"

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sabrina_baldassari shared a tip "Didn’t love the writing medium of screenplay."

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franki_scordato shared a tip "I didn’t read this yet woops"

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samuel_wadsworth shared a tip "This boo is ok… definitely not like the original stories… it was a little hard to follow…"

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ash_mooney shared a tip "Definitely recommend. Finally read it after trying to get my hands on it for years. Worth the wait."

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charmaine_dsilva_6132 shared a tip "Not a good read but I'm a Potterhead so this was a must read"

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shannon_pagliaro shared a tip "Not her best work, and there are contradictions in this story compares to the rest of the series. But interesting to read on."

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bryn_h28 shared a tip "Not really a big fan of this one because it’s not very true to the story. But a must read if you’re a Potterhead."

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bailey_thompson_6938 shared a tip "The Trolly Lady twist killed me. Didn't expect it and it was hilarious!"

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future_king shared a tip "It is an all time classic"

isabella_rene_galle shared a tip "No prob!"

Michelle Buzzelli Troxel's profile image

michelle_buzzelli_t shared a tip "It's written as the screen play not a novel but it was a good read. Short though compared to the series."

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elizabeth_hall_2000 shared a tip "I’m currently reading the Inkheart trilogy and so far loving it!"

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