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"Step inside a fairy tale."--Stephanie Garber, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Caraval Get swept away by the New York Times bestseller that Melissa Albert, author of The Hazel Wood, calls "eerie" and "lovely." As one by one her beautiful sisters mysteriously die on their isolated island esta

Author Erin A. Craig

Pages 416

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2019

ISBN 1984831925 9781984831927

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Google 3.5


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aubry_bahr shared a tip "Aubry"

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fantasygrl shared a tip "This book was amazing!!! It had so many twists and turns."

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ava_ryan_1273 shared a tip "I loved this book! Interesting retelling of the twelve dancing princesses. I really liked the eeriness of it too."

mae_maguire shared a tip "Very thrilling. Exceedingly well written plot-twists, having you turn every page."

natalie_8196 shared a tip "Love this book! I'm a huge fan of fantasy and supernatural. This book is a grate mix of both."

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its_janaeya shared a tip "5/5 definitely one of my favorite books after reading this book 📖"

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tamika_gaudet shared a tip "Small favors is next. Hear good things about it"

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josie_mosby shared a tip "I'm really picky when it comes to books but this book was amazing and i mean it."

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arielle_gavin shared a tip "More murder mystery than fantasy."

ky_ky_3683 shared a tip "I love everything about this book. Erin A. Craig never fails to impress. Definitely a new favorite"

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avo.gatobooks shared a tip "Looooved this book. Reminded me of a twisted retelling of 12 dancing princesses."

ellen_phillips shared a tip "Different & intriguing"

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eve_green shared a tip "Reads a little like Caraval, murder mystery vibes."

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katie_powell_7959 shared a tip "4/5"

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natashaB14 shared a tip "I actually really enjoyed this book. Not afraid to admit I spent a lot of it wondering WTF was actually going on lol"

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izzy_9945 shared a tip "Amazing book!! The best I’ve read in a while."

Riley Lindhardt's profile image

riley_lindhardt shared a tip "This book is a hidden gem. Absolutely loved it."

aleaha_5905 shared a tip "If you like fantasy, mystery, happy ending I definitely recommend this book!!!"

Antoinette Lauerns's profile image

antoinette_lauerns shared a tip "This book was hauntingly beautiful and terrifying at the same time!"

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anni_thompson shared a tip "Ooo looks good 👍 thank you"

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mccleary_porterfield shared a tip "Absolutely love this book and would highly recommend. Haunting, magical, and suspenseful read. 10/10"

Kimberly Pickett's profile image

kimberly_pickett shared a tip "So good to get lost in. Spooky mystery and fantasy."

Marissa Boyne's profile image

marissa_boyne shared a tip "An eerie twist on what should be a fairytale! So good."

Anais Deac's profile image

anais_deac_7385 shared a tip "I bought the book without a thought of the thrill, mystery, and shock it would bring. My heart was definitely not prepared."

Izzabel Champ's profile image

izzabel_champ shared a tip "Kept me on the edge of my seat and finished it in 2 days. It’s a spooky retelling of the 12 dancing princesses."

olivia_1043 shared a tip "Great book. Great details gets twisted towards the end."

Faith Wilson's profile image

faith_wilson_4266 shared a tip "It was more Grimm brothers esque than I was expecting! Gruesome yet gorgeous"

Kaylie Bowen's profile image

kaylie_bowen shared a tip "It’s awesome if you’re looking for a mystery that keeps you guessing till the end!"

katelyn_2646 shared a tip "A great mystery, who-done-it! Absolutely wonderful!"

Bethany Luhrs's profile image

bethany_luhrs shared a tip "Gothic horror romance meets dark fantasy magic, and some VERY strange and spooky goings-on!"

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allie_matzke shared a tip "It was okay kinda fell a little flat but the end was amazing!"

Kamei Ayidiya's profile image

kamei_ayidiya shared a tip "It was very eery, and it sucked me right in. Wasn’t ecstatic about the ending but everything else was amazing."

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hali_8185 shared a tip "Liked it way more than I thought I would 😂"

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dustie_jacobs shared a tip "This is such a great spooky read. Can't put this book down. Must read! #cantputdown #mustread"

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cara_hunt shared a tip "So many twists and turns!"

abigail 's profile image

abigail_9617 shared a tip "Twisted retelling of a story I loved as a kid. A quick read but captivating and confusing all the same. I enjoyed it"

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rouxsbookishpassport shared a tip "Amazing retelling!"

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eatsomecookiesnyguy shared a tip "This cover is everything 🌟 💫 Other than the cover, this books concept seems really interesting!"

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megan_gruendler shared a tip "I could not put this book down. Plenty of mystery, suspense, and some magic!"

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cr3wn__ shared a tip "my favorite book so far!"

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