Import Your Goodreads Library

Revisit this Step-by-step anytime from the Settings under your profile.

Read Dates

In Step 1 below, you'll be directed to export your data from Goodreads.

Goodreads does not always correctly populate the "Date Read" column in a user's export.

Once your import is complete, you can easily edit and add the read date on a book's detail page on Likewise.


On Likewise, a book can be marked as one of the following three categories: Want to Read, Now Reading, or Read.

If you have custom shelves on Goodreads, they will be turned into custom lists located in the Books category in My Stuff.

Merging Ratings and Reviews

In order to ensure a streamlined experience, when Goodreads books are imported into our system, we leverage your rating from Goodreads, meaning that previous ratings from Likewise will change. Ratings can be changed at anytime.

The status of your book, will be based on the status set in Goodreads, overriding any status that is in place for current Likewise items. Status can be changed at anytime.

Any Goodreads reviews will be acknowledged as a comment on a book. This means that if you already have a Likewise review on a book, your Goodreads review will be merged as a comment to your current review. You can visit the book on Likewise and easily edit comments and reviews.

We merge data this way so you can have a consolidated record of your thoughts and opinions.

CSV Format

We recommend you do not modify the export file obtained from Goodreads.

When downloading the file, please save it as a CSV directly. Our import feature works exclusively with unedited CSV files.

It's important to maintain the default order of column names from Goodreads and avoid deleting or rearranging any columns within the file.

By following these guidelines, you'll optimize the compatibility and successful import of your book data.

Step 1

Please access the Import/Export page on Goodreads and simply click on the "Export Library" button. This action will initiate the process of exporting your library data.

Export Goodreads Library

Clicking on the button will open your browser and take you to Goodreads