What is it

Likewise strives to make the most of every moment. #YOLO, etc.

The Likewise Influencer Team’s main goal is to connect with people that have similar passions and create a community that shares trustworthy recommendations.

Our influencers are obsessed with sharing and receiving the best recs, and their voice shines through in our Likewise categories like an adorable puppy video in a world of bad news.

Why join

  • Monthly partnership perks like swag, gift cards, and other freebies
  • Invites to our Likewise events and parties
  • In-app promotions, social shout outs, and a badge of recognition on your profile
  • Hear about new features first
  • Meet the minds behind Likewise and build a working relationship with a fun, new company that promises not to get weird if you don’t wanna see our stamp collection

What you’ll do

All you have to do is post what you love in the app, get a Likewise tattoo, and have fun.

We also ask that you share your recommendations to the rest of the world, by both word of mouth and posts to your social networks. Let us help you take your #brand to the next level and get noticed by more than annoying “we love your page!” bots.

Apply now!

If chosen for the program, more information and guidelines will be provided and we’ll let you know where/when you can check out our seriously impressive stamp collection.

For any general inquiries please email us at