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Lovable and friendly, the trolls love to play around. But one day, a mysterious giant shows up to end the party. Poppy, the optimistic leader of the Trolls, and her polar opposite, Branch, must embark on an adventure that takes them far beyond the only world they’ve ever known.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2016-10-13

Runtime 92 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 6.695


Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "A great movie I’ve seen many times! Great for family movie night and just a feel good movie! #trolls #family"

Samantha Starkey's profile image

samantha_starkey shared a tip "I love this movie"

Monica Maniatakos's profile image

monica_maniatakos shared a tip "Loved it when it first came out. Music is catchy. Anna Kendrick is awesome."

sofiai shared a tip "Just a silly and fun, very family friendly movie."

Rebekah Fletcher's profile image

rebekah_fletcher shared a tip "I LOVED this movie! Like it better than the second one. Such creative characters and it was so entertaining for all ages."

Freemon Jackson's profile image

freemon_jackson shared a tip "Shaboom!"

Melissa Kirkbride's profile image

melissa_kirkbride shared a tip "This is my go to happy movie! If I feel like crap this is what I put on! #getbackupagain"

awesome_user_524676 shared a tip "it was a happy movie"

Lawrence Decatus's profile image

lawrence_decatus shared a tip "Mid af"

Florence Shealy's profile image

florence_shealy shared a tip "A great kids movie, love the music"

valsamtriomitoscito shared a tip "LOVEEE ITTTT"

Taylor Dyke's profile image

taylor_dyke shared a tip "Let me watch the movie"

Bee Morgan's profile image

bee_morgan shared a tip "Cute,sweet and romantic"

alivia_adame shared a tip "The beginning"

bre_thompson shared a tip "When Branch started to sing to make poppy happy!"

Jessica Packer's profile image

jessica_packer shared a tip "Trolls world tour is also good!"

Ivory Addo Evans's profile image

ivory_addo_evans shared a tip "I love this app it has everything that I need I just need to get used to it"

Ansley 's profile image

ansley_4472 shared a tip "I just like all the bright colors and the kids love to watch this movie"

prosperous shared a tip "I love the music and the adventure"

moviesarenyfavrite shared a tip "Love it was hillaries"

taja_2847 shared a tip "good family movie"

Penny Deavers's profile image

penny_deavers shared a tip "Very great movie"

mystika_lorryn_baum shared a tip "It was very happy go lucky"

Just_Shell shared a tip "Very good, wholesome movie for the entire family. Really cute."

angeleena_alvarado shared a tip "Its perfect for for a movie night with the kids, or whole family."

awesome_user_148409 shared a tip "I have to pay"

The Doll's profile image

the_doll shared a tip "It was cute and entertaining."

Caitlyn ONeill's profile image

caitlyn_oneill shared a tip "This movie is a great pick if you ever want a good cry but also be happy"

kimberly_1387 shared a tip "Its a perfect movie for kids ! With lots of colors i love this movie"

Maya Yoder's profile image

maya_yoder shared a tip "Grumpy #relatable"

Jennifer Horne's profile image

jennifer_horne_5193 shared a tip "Cute, family friendly, music to tap your foot to"

Lonely shared a tip "Poppy and Branch is all I could think about"

Kassandra Cortes's profile image

kassandra_cortes shared a tip "It’s the perfect kid’s movie"

{Gacha Willow} 's profile image

gacha_willow shared a tip "Funny and cause it has a lot of everything i like in a movie/show"

Caroline McGrath's profile image

caroline_mcgrath shared a tip "@caitlin_praskovich I love branch. He has such a character dynamic. Plus, he’s a mood lol"

Jessican'william Speer's profile image

jessicanwilliam_spe shared a tip "Cant help but sing and dance along."

dark potato ice wolf's profile image

dark_potato_ice_wolf shared a tip "An okay movie"

Chan Williams's profile image

chan_williams shared a tip "Polly"

Hannah Nussbaumer's profile image

hannah_nussbaumer shared a tip "It was cute"

riley__hilliard_ril shared a tip "Fun a good for kids"

Angie Zizzo's profile image

zombiezelda shared a tip "Cute with decent covers of songs"

jayna_4061 shared a tip "Best movie ever"

Dayna Dayna's profile image

dayna_dayna shared a tip "Cute for fam"

fenix_290 shared a tip "Cute and fun. Great for family night."

Tom and Vicki Kershaw's profile image

tom_and_vicki_kersh shared a tip "Saw it when 14 years old, and I loved it. I saw it recently on fxx, and it was just ok."

Paige Feeney's profile image

paige_feeney shared a tip "The characters are adorable and fun ! I love how the music is all modern music as well."

Lane Stevens's profile image

lane_stevens shared a tip "L"

danielle_olson_7898 shared a tip "Super fun cute movie to watch! I love the aesthetic and the message"

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