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When Coraline moves to an old house, she feels bored and neglected by her parents. She finds a hidden door with a bricked up passage. During the night, she crosses the passage and finds a parallel world where everybody has buttons instead of eyes, with caring parents and all her dreams coming true.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2009-02-05

Runtime 100 minutes

Budget $60m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 7.8


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zach_gallegos shared a tip "Haunting soundtrack and beautiful visuals, this movie scared the death out of me as a kid and still holds up today"

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mlhawkins shared a tip "Yes!!!"

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kenzieb shared a tip "one of my childhood movies :)"

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amy_santi shared a tip "This Was Low Key Terrifying"

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eco70s shared a tip "This is my all time favorite!"

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aman_nannan shared a tip "Beautiful movie by an underrated studio"

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ay0nami shared a tip "this is my number one of all time. i love this movie with my whole heart. it has everything a movie would every need. i love it"

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julianna_rigot shared a tip "buttons"

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hannah_pinto shared a tip "Love this movie and it’s definitely one of my favorites!!"

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ghostie_gal shared a tip "I’m still upset they took this off Netflix 😐👊"

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shyla_gartner shared a tip "Loved this movie since I was a child"

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TheEternalMovieWatcher467 shared a tip "Coralline is sick"

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zettathequeen shared a tip "My favorite movie! No joke."

Shelby-Liza Ndumbi's profile image

greenswan shared a tip "Best Laika film! 🤩"

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First_edition_ shared a tip "Beautiful disturbing masterpiece."

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griffin_lamfers shared a tip "Coolio"

maria_vazquez_7383 shared a tip "Absolutely phenomenal. The acting is great and so is the story. The visuals are stunning and it sends a chill down your spine!!!"

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dylan_danielsen shared a tip "This movie I think is amazing it’s not scary buts it’s a little creepy"

shannon_cantu shared a tip "Bizarre and creepy. Wasn't good choice for my 7 year old niece, but found it interesting."

julianna <3 's profile image

moo_milk shared a tip "FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MOVIE!"

khayraimara shared a tip "kinda creepy... gives off tim burton vibes a little, but i love it"

davinatuatoo shared a tip "Yes check it out it’s a really nice movie"

awesome_user_921303 shared a tip "I absolutely love this movie! Watched it a million times."

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amaia_j_5802 shared a tip "10/10"

mars_8461 shared a tip "amazing plot!! creepy, but not too creepy!"

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noa_99 shared a tip "MWUAH!! Chef’s kiss 😁"

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payton_l_byrd shared a tip "watch out for #buttoneyes"

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hadyn_kinder shared a tip "when i was little i used to make my friends watch this every year on my birthday in 3D... i was obsessed"

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megan_maguire_1208 shared a tip "I've watched this movie so many times. It's a really good movie. It'll keep you interested the whole time."

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Zathereth shared a tip "#dark_atmosphere"

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bridget_walker_422 shared a tip "I was always creeped out as a kid had nightmares. It’s honestly a good movie though"

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lois_kirk shared a tip "<3"

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bubbles_j shared a tip "I love the movie"

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awesome_possum_stuff shared a tip "scary"

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cam_productions shared a tip "I loved this movie as a child. The work that went into the animation and story is incredible and worthwhile!!!"

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chella_cooper shared a tip "How tf do u watch it like where is the play botton"

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spinach_sheik shared a tip "This is my favorite movie ever, helped me process some stuff as a child"

priscilla_farfan shared a tip "Perfect movie to watch on a Halloween night or even a normal movie night! I used to watch this ALL the time."

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Stitch_Is_Fluffy shared a tip "Either Coraline or Wybie, What about you"

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ashley_stoner_8112 shared a tip "I can't really pick, I think they're all great. But this movie/ book is my top favorite"

Morgan Clark's profile image

morgan_clark_26 shared a tip "good story line"

Cailin Sayers's profile image

cailin_sayers shared a tip "Probably the cat or Wybie"

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igodgirl_13 shared a tip "One of my favorite scary cartoons and movies made by Tim Burton. The right amount of spooky, humor and suspense!"

Sofia Sofia's profile image

sofiareynoso shared a tip "this movie terrified me as a child but its one of the best movies ever because of the plot and animation"

Me_and _the_worldwide's profile image

me_and__the_worldwi shared a tip "Definitly interstellar, sorry if thats off topic tho"

hally blanc's profile image

hally_blanc shared a tip "Watched it for the first time around 7 the rest is history it’s an amazing movie and I love it"

claire 's profile image

evie_8143 shared a tip "always the first time the portal is in full effect 💗"

darla_priore shared a tip "My fav will always be Star wars"

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natalie_smith_3609 shared a tip "I love this movie! I haven’t seen it in forever!"

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claudia_henry_7568 shared a tip "spooky yet whimsical fantasy film that is perfect for fall"

carla_cortorreal shared a tip "It has mystery and it’s fun to watch🥰 #recommend"

nevaeh_allen_9939 shared a tip "This is my favorite movie!"

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Ash_is_trash shared a tip "LOVE THIS MOVIEEEE!!!"

shaylie_lynn_rice shared a tip "This is one of my favorite movies as a kid and to this day of all time"

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max_even shared a tip "Yes"

Dorohedoro 's profile image

dorohedoro shared a tip "A beautiful stop motion animated movie with a dark and grim atmosphere, amazing music, and a great cast of characters and actors."

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howlinebuttons shared a tip "It is a beautifully constructed movie with a plot that subtlely develops into a suspenseful finale."

Jenni Chance's profile image

jenni_chance shared a tip "Good movie, not that scary, but little kids might be a bit scary."

wednesday 's profile image

wednesday shared a tip "i’m actually cosplaying as coraline🙄✋"

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tracy_escalera shared a tip "We watch this a hundred times a year"

oliver_abney shared a tip "Loved the animation"

Elizabeth Stoneburner's profile image

elizabeth_stoneburn shared a tip "Beautifully animated, a touching and spooky story."

lultori jones's profile image

lultori_jones shared a tip "My favorite kid movie"

Christina Juarez's profile image

christina_juarez_9560 shared a tip "I enjoyed it, some things that creeped out my kids."

Brianna Lotts's profile image

brianna_lotts_2814 shared a tip "It hqd a good story line and good music"

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royo_drawinz shared a tip "Evreybody wants to talk about coraline🎵🎵 i love this film- its amazing! Idk why its so good but it is!"

tea_chidester shared a tip "one of my all time favorites!! so many hidden details so well done"

Rose Fair's profile image

rose_fair shared a tip "I’m not sure how to pick just 1!"

Addie Orand's profile image

addie_orand shared a tip "Highly recommend this movie. If you are into cartoons and slightly creepy movies. This could be for you."

Crystalyn Myers's profile image

crystalyn_myers shared a tip "One of my favorites, just creepy enough without being over the top"

Lilly blair's profile image

_lillianblair_ shared a tip "my favorite movie of all time"

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a_huerbin shared a tip "I can't think of any other movies, but I recommend the book "Coraline" if you haven't read it already."

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san_b shared a tip "100% recommend. Don’t recommend if you’re under the age of 9 too watch.👍 #coraline #movie #stopmotion #animation"

c_s_8883 shared a tip "A little creepy but awesome"

Suaad Adnan's profile image

suaad_adnan shared a tip "One of my favorite childhood movies"

elitists international's profile image

elitists_internatio shared a tip "The Dark Crystal, it has been my favorite since I was five. How about you?"

Olivia poblano's profile image

olivia_poblano shared a tip "Its a good movie. A little creepy but overall enjoyed it. If you like to scare yourself in a good way"

Jordan Sotomayor's profile image

jordan_sotomayor shared a tip "Tbh I just remembered that I liked it."

Susan Murta's profile image

susan_murta shared a tip "The Dark Crystal 💜"

Ballout ひ's profile image

ballout_ shared a tip "First movie I legit ever saw in theatres always holds a special place in my heart"

eleni_6430 shared a tip "I don’t have a specific favorite part but I loved the scenery and animation of the entire project. I loved the erie vibe it had"

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ashes__ shared a tip "It’s a good movie, but it is slightly scary."

Kristine Elizabeth's profile image

kristine_elizabeth shared a tip "very Tim Burton"

girlboss1000 shared a tip "I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE !"

Nelly Bamba's profile image

nellyvalentine shared a tip "BEST MOVIE EVER!!"

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infinatedawn shared a tip "This is one of my favorite movies. Love the soundtrack. It’s beautiful, creepy, and mysterious."

lianna_reyes shared a tip "the nostalgia of it being a big pillar of why i love creepy horror"

Alex Nav's profile image

alex_nav shared a tip "Binge watched it so many time I can’t even count love it since I was a kid. It never seemed scary to me."

Jadyn E's profile image

jadynE shared a tip "My ultimate comfort movie."

mia_alfieri shared a tip "Yes."

Wendy S's profile image

catpriestess shared a tip "Totally relate to Coraline. Even have a beloved black cat"

amber_wilson_331 shared a tip "Nightmare before Christmas"

amber_wilson_331 shared a tip "Nightmare before Christmas"

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nat_28 shared a tip "comfort movie lol"

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stephanie_swartz_9870 shared a tip "My favorite 10/10"

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ur_gay_4863 shared a tip "Plot"

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renee_millar shared a tip "A good movie, honestly, a bit creepy though ;)"

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kena_1075 shared a tip "10/10"

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