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Accident prone teenager, Percy discovers he's actually a demi-God, the son of Poseidon, and he is needed when Zeus' lightning is stolen. Percy must master his new found skills in order to prevent a war between the Gods that could devastate the entire world.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2010-02-01

Runtime 118 minutes

Budget $95m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 6.204


Caleigh Knight's profile image

caleigh_knight shared a tip "I mean I enjoyed it, but I didn't read the books so. . ."

Cheezie Face's profile image

cheezie_face shared a tip "The pure fantasy"

Willow S's profile image

willow_s_474 shared a tip "I unironically like this movie"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "Not Anywhere Near The Books But Worth A Watch"

Morgan Erickson's profile image

morgan_erickson_5596 shared a tip "It's nothing like the book and that frustrated me."

Mirandom 's profile image

mirandom_kitty shared a tip "It's average as a movie, but as a book adaptation it is straight up garbage."

Janet Baker's profile image

janet_baker_5969 shared a tip "Read the book 1st!!"

kelsey_curtis_4906 shared a tip "Terrible adaptation of the book"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "Personally I liked it. But I haven’t read the books yet (IK I HAVE SINNED) and I am gonna read them soon."

Sophia Chieffi's profile image

sophia_chieffi shared a tip "The Casino scene is one of my favorite movie scenes ever"

andrea_hollowell shared a tip "Absolute trash adaptation"

isabella_garza_856 shared a tip "The fact that they made the book come alive"

aaliyah fischer's profile image

aaliyah_fischer shared a tip "I love fantasy and adventure this is all of those"

Sky Razor's profile image

sky_razor shared a tip "Anyone that loves this movie I would love to be friends with"

Sam Calus's profile image

sam_calus shared a tip "Watched this in my youth and was terrified haha. Great if you treat it as a separate entity from the book"

ad 's profile image

urfavacc shared a tip "Its nothing close to the book, even Rick said he doesn’t like it."

MAHALA PEARSON's profile image

mahala_pearson shared a tip "While the book is better, as a movie it's entertaining"

Robert Furman's profile image

robert_furman shared a tip "Fun and well made!"

Lilly Espino's profile image

lilly_espino shared a tip "If you like Harry Potter or mythical things... Mythology, it's such a good movie and the books are really good to"

Dayna Ladalia's profile image

dayna_ladalia shared a tip "Loved the books"

Sam :)'s profile image

butteredsam shared a tip "Literally love it! I watched this when I was a wee little lad and I keep re-watching it. It ain’t too bad :)"

Anne Beaubrun's profile image

anne_beaubrun shared a tip "No I haven’t watched the other ones. I should though. Have you? If so, which other one would you recommend?"

Britney Hernandez's profile image

britney_hernandez shared a tip "The best thing ever and a"

chloe_s_8996 shared a tip "To be clear, i dont recommend this. I recommend a reboot of this. This movie was disappointing as an adaptation."

luis regato's profile image

rocketboy2l83 shared a tip "Grover"

Holly Begin's profile image

holly_begin shared a tip "If you like adventure movies this is a perfect pick for you!"

Chad E Concepcion's profile image

chad_e_concepcion shared a tip "Teenage movie about Olympian folklore & Descendents, hell yeah!"

Caprice Ware's profile image

caprice_ware shared a tip "Nothing like the book but I digress"

Mory Cruz's profile image

mory_cruz shared a tip "Nice"

Tuti Fruti's profile image

tuti_fruti shared a tip "No i DONT like it i hate and it’s absolute trash compared to the movies. That is all"

Lilliana R's profile image

Cat_Girl_ shared a tip "This movie is so good and follows the book really well too! Great read and watch!"

Olivia Martin's profile image

olivia_martin_9231 shared a tip "It’s not the book, but it’s kind of fun and silly if you ignore that it’s not remotely accurate"

hi_salim shared a tip "Fudjfj"

TheLonelyGacha Person's profile image

thelonelygacha_person shared a tip "It’s a good movie to watch with family"

Jennifer 's profile image

jennifer_8247 shared a tip "Don’t recommend just like the genre"

melody_bartee shared a tip "Probably the second one"

rain precie's profile image

rain_precie shared a tip "Fun book and movie if you like mystery freind ship and magic this is the movie /book for you"

Jessica Pannapacker's profile image

jessica_pannapacker shared a tip "The book is a million times better"

dee_3612 shared a tip "it was ab greek gods which i like learning ab"

Jenna rogers's profile image

jenna_rogers_771 shared a tip "Kids love it its such a thriller"

Hannah Angle's profile image

hannah_angle_3457 shared a tip "Not even comparable to the book but still good."

Arelis Arroyo's profile image

arelis_arroyo shared a tip "Adventure"

Kia Poling's profile image

rawr_im_pickle shared a tip "May 7, 2021"

thatjokerperson 's profile image

thatjokerperson shared a tip "The medusa fight scene has to be my favorite. It ends up with one of the best weapons in the whole movie."

jennifer_6248 shared a tip "If you like Greek mythology you’d like this too"

Heather Muessel's profile image

heather_muessel shared a tip "Loved this movie!!! Great movie for kids as well!!!"

Emma Poisel's profile image

emma_poisel shared a tip "When I say I liked it. What I really mean is I want more suggestions similar to it. The book was WAY better."

born confused's profile image

born_confused shared a tip "Honestly it might just be the inner mythology geek in me, but this movie was amazing"

Jeanne Burno's profile image

jeanne_burno shared a tip "Better than I thought it would be."

Olivia 's profile image

oliviac shared a tip "Nothing like the book"

Natz🦦 's profile image

brazy.natz shared a tip "Lightning thief will always be better than sea of monsters."

Maddy Davis's profile image

maddy_davis_2103 shared a tip "It had a very good plot, the book was better but great entry to greek mythology!"

Lexi Dixon's profile image

lexi_dixon_6258 shared a tip "Greek mythology and light hearted"

emma_kucera shared a tip "So interesting"

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