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A deaf woman is stalked by a psychotic killer in her secluded home.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2016-03-12

Runtime 82 minutes


TMDB 6.7


Nicole✨ 's profile image

nicole_norm shared a tip "Great edge of your seat type of thriller!"

Ivette Baez's profile image

ivette_baez shared a tip "Suspenseful and creepy."

Nanditha Merlin Frank Dominic's profile image

nanditha_merlin_fra shared a tip "Great thriller movie"

Barbara Epps's profile image

barbara_epps shared a tip "This movie is scary af"

Trisha Howson's profile image

trisha_howson shared a tip "It very intense"

bthkflシ 's profile image

bthkfl shared a tip "kept you on the edge of your seat!"

Caitlyn Evans's profile image

caitlyn_evans_9533 shared a tip "Wow, just wow. Loved it very much, just wanna know if she continued to live or if she died."

Gracie Graben's profile image

gracie_graben_6472 shared a tip "Very good horror movie! I SUGGEST WATCHING IT WITH FRIENDS!!!!! Just in case ;)"

Kunta Emory's profile image

kunta_emory shared a tip "You will cheer for this so called victim who is anything but a victim."

Nyla Turnbull's profile image

nyla_turnbull_7181 shared a tip "Really can tell what’s going to happen but def a good movie even though"

Andy Harvey's profile image

andy_harvey shared a tip "A fantastic scary movie for a first date!"

Ray Sager's profile image

ray_sager_4897 shared a tip "Don't watch in the dark. The action starts about 20 minutes into the movie and it doesn't let you go."

Jamie Purvis's profile image

jamie_purvis shared a tip "What a thriller! Seen it multiple times and love the story! So good, highly recommend."

SUSIE SAMUELS's profile image

susie_samuels shared a tip "Omg!!!! This movie had me on edge...."

Amber Shipwash's profile image

amber_shipwash shared a tip "This made me super uncomfortable to be home alone. Good suspense movie."

Othin Ram's profile image

othin_ram shared a tip "Brilliant movie"

Marie Perez Navarro's profile image

macapan shared a tip "I loved this movie so much I watched it 3 times times the first say I saw it"

Juice Box's profile image

_juice_box_ shared a tip "Absolutely perfect horror movie. Only a few jump scares and all psychological. Actually scary. Love it"

Makayla Weiss's profile image

makayla_weiss_9203 shared a tip "Keeps you on your toes from the beginning to the end. #horror #thriller #movie #netflix"

zao_medley shared a tip "A home intrusion movie with a daring twist."

ERIN lmao's profile image

erin_lmao_6092 shared a tip "it was really good"

Mickael Caouette's profile image

mickael_caouette shared a tip "One of the best movie on Netflix 10/10"

S. 's profile image

s._8988 shared a tip "Name a better duo than Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel."

Jeff Colon's profile image

jefe shared a tip "Didn't think I would like this one and even though it feels like it's been done before, it was still pretty good."

Shanlynn Cockeram's profile image

shanlynn_cockeram shared a tip "Love this movie"

ellie_9781 shared a tip "Scary and bloody"

Tiffany Stover's profile image

tiffany_stover shared a tip "Amazing movie. One of my absolute favorites."

Invasion O’Privacy's profile image

invasion_oprivacy shared a tip "Fun (sometimes frightening) concept."

michelle 's profile image

michelle_2064 shared a tip "Loved it"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Kayla Phillips's profile image

kayla_phillips_1356 shared a tip "My favourite home invasion thriller. Totally worth a watch."

Kaela Ward's profile image

kaela_ward_4291 shared a tip "It was pretty scary. Struggling, deaf, author in the middle of the woods being pawed around like a game of cat and mouse."

Magic Singer11's profile image

magic_singer11 shared a tip "Great suspense and action horror film warning there is a lot of blood"

Justine Porter's profile image

justine_porter_8531 shared a tip "So legitimately creepy. Absolutely fantastic."

Abbey 's profile image

nymos shared a tip "One of my favorite horror/thriller movies. Very creative"

alana_white_1898 shared a tip "The ending isn't what you'd expect"

sara_koll shared a tip "This was a great horror movie very genuinely well made and not just blood and guts"

James 's profile image

jamesmyuhls shared a tip "this movie is not very good but it is very fun"

Haley Bishop's profile image

hayyybish shared a tip "This is just so good. I can watch it again and again and again."

mary_blake shared a tip "loved it, super suspenseful"

Uhitsnico. le's profile image

uhitsnico._le shared a tip "first time seeing a thriller like this. i liked how we were able to experience it through her."

Stellar Kayaos's profile image

stellar_kayaos shared a tip "The sound design in this movie is one of the best I've seen in horror! Really added to the movie more than you would expect!"

kayleigh_payne shared a tip "Suspenseful and you really root for the protagonist. I also really love the isolated cabin in the forest chamber piece."

Brianna Pucciarelli's profile image

brianna_pucciarelli shared a tip "I’ve literally watched this over 10 times!! Such a good movie, I highly recommend"

Andie Thompson's profile image

andie_thompson shared a tip "Great movie! Wonderful lead woman carried the **** out of the movie."

Alayjah Johnson's profile image

alayjah_johnson shared a tip "An amazing and heart rushing movie ! 👍🏽"

Emily K-L's profile image

emily_k-l shared a tip "So scary and upsettingly plausible"

50sumthing 's profile image

50sumthing shared a tip "Terrifying and gripping"

Angel Gillihan's profile image

angel_gillihan shared a tip "It was very well done, especially since there is very minimal dialogue. Amazing movie, and amazing female lead."

Peter Pizzati's profile image

peter_pizzati shared a tip "Was much better than I thought it would be"

Bridget Gray's profile image

Caffeine.and.Paper shared a tip "Such a good movie!"

HumanLifeForm 's profile image

humanlifeform shared a tip "A friend made me watch this and absolute Must watch"

Trevor Farmer's profile image

trevor_farmer shared a tip "Rly good thriller"

Mia Maxwell's profile image

mia_maxwell shared a tip "Love this movie. Be prepared for subtitles."

Catrina Gernand's profile image

catrina_gernand shared a tip "This was an intense movie. Creepy and many jump scares. I highly recommend."

Isabelle Filion's profile image

isabelle_filion_9329 shared a tip "I really liked this film, it was an easy watch. Fantastic"

aaliyah_wright_4577 shared a tip "It was very Suspenseful and it makes you want to break the tv"

¡DKY0U 's profile image

Idkyoufriend shared a tip "Ive watched this movie like 6x its really good!"

¡DKY0U 's profile image

Idkyoufriend shared a tip "My favorite movie😃🤚🏻"

Jacob Lange's profile image

jacob_lange_7197 shared a tip "Love this hit can here anything and someone is trying to kill her, good watch"

Shane Wielinga's profile image

shane_wielinga shared a tip "Vwey creative and scary"

Meggan Ridgeway's profile image

meggan_ridgeway shared a tip "perfect psychological thriller!"

skyler_mccarter shared a tip "so good definitely a good one to watch"

bitter gumdrop's profile image

BunnyRabbit shared a tip "Highly recommend for thriller seekers"

rae_kropog shared a tip "Perfect example of the ability to make a good movie with very few words..."

gina_9116 shared a tip "Very good movie. Doesn’t drag it out and the suspension is very well done. Highly recommend."

Joy Bernet's profile image

joy_bernet shared a tip "Wow! So so so good"

Alison Gillaspy's profile image

alison_gillaspy shared a tip "Loved!"

Varsha Sony's profile image

varsha_sony shared a tip "The tension is palpable"

Brandon Dolan's profile image

bdog9499 shared a tip "Iconic, Kate Siegel is amazing 🙌🏼 also the foreshadowing of Mike Flanagans Midnight Mass, iconic 🙌🏼"

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