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After their high school basketball coach passes away, five good friends and former teammates reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2010-06-24

Runtime 102 minutes

Budget $80m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 6.332


Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just flat out hilarious, full of laughs!"

Aneesah Mahasin's profile image

aneesah_mahasin shared a tip "Part 1 AND 2 are really good! Waiting for Their children as adults..."

☔𝙲𝚛𝚘𝚠 𝙶𝚒𝚛𝚕☕'s profile image

LoverOf_Crows shared a tip "I wish I was a middle-aged man just to be apart of their group 🤧"

olivia cain's profile image

garraty_mcvries shared a tip "Probably my favorite feel-good movie of all time!"

Donna Q's profile image

d_m shared a tip "Surprisingly fun and funny movie"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Chocolate wasted"

Angie murray's profile image

angie_murray shared a tip "Perfect movie"

Harrison 's profile image

HARRlSON shared a tip "No"

Monique Contreras's profile image

monique_contreras shared a tip "Grownups" is the perfect movie to watch with your family being very wholesome, with sarcastic and cliche jokes."

vienna 's profile image

waiting.for.vienna shared a tip "really funny but the breastfeeding jokes are so weird tbh"

john_wood_5070 shared a tip "Just plain fun! Don’t be a snob just enjoy!"

Diandra Repato's profile image

diandra_repato shared a tip "Fun family movie"

ameliah_newton shared a tip "This is such a great movie I love it"

sheyenne_dawson shared a tip "What no! Hulu cannot get rid of this amazing movie!"

danielle_allan shared a tip "Adam sandler"

Janey Dacier-Pierce's profile image

janey_dacier-pierce shared a tip "Best Movie ever! I had a great laugh!"

frankie_7476 shared a tip "Really funny"

campbell_jenrath shared a tip "Favorite movie"

kristen_johnson_5935 shared a tip "Silly comedy perfect for when you just want to laugh."

Marian Stillwell's profile image

marian_stillwell shared a tip "Very funny"

Sophia C's profile image

sophia_c_8897 shared a tip "Really funny movie"

enid rodriguez's profile image

enid_rodriguez_3924 shared a tip "👍🏼👍🏼"

Homer Riggs's profile image

homer_riggs shared a tip "Tip"

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courtney_jackson_3340 shared a tip "How do you even watch the movie? It’s only popping the trailer up"

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valerie_anne_7060 shared a tip "Hilarious 🤣 #loveadamsandlermovies"

Andie 's profile image

andie_7805 shared a tip "Still one of my favorite movies"

Maurice Franklin II's profile image

maurice_franklin_ii shared a tip "Hilarious"

KOROEGG 2's profile image

koroegf shared a tip "A lot of dad energy and I can see why"

Ruby Evans's profile image

ruby_evans_6472 shared a tip "All star cast!!"

Naivy Rivera 's profile image

Naivy shared a tip "The best comedy movie"

dkdkdkkdkd shared a tip "Funny"

Zen 's profile image

yvxii shared a tip "It’s such a comfort movie basically watching a bunch of grown men having fun lmao"

molly_wonnacott shared a tip "I love this movie"

Rachel Rachel's profile image

rachel_rachel_34 shared a tip "Full of laughs and amazing characters"

Hannah Johnson's profile image

hannah_johnson_4347 shared a tip "My favorite scene was at the funeral when they meet each other again"

chloe_center shared a tip "Great movie for sleep overs"

Mikayla Marsh's profile image

mikayla_marsh shared a tip "If you havent seen this yet drop everything your doing and go watch it. One of ny favorite movies of all time."

Mia🌻🍯 's profile image

Miajanebrakel shared a tip "Its a great funny movie!"

Miranda Flores's profile image

miranda_flores_7713 shared a tip "Hilarious movie with some of my fav actors"

Kaiden Koch's profile image

kaiden_koch shared a tip "I love both Grown Ups movies especially this one, Adam Sandler is one hell of an actor"

Zoe Summer's profile image

zoe_summer shared a tip "It’s so funny ! I’ve watched it many times!"

Jackie Hajji's profile image

jackie_hajji shared a tip "Love me some Adam Sandler"

Evette Valdez's profile image

evette_valdez shared a tip "Very funny 😁"

Tilly Yourchuck's profile image

tilly_yourchuck shared a tip "S"

Noah 🏳️‍⚧️'s profile image

noah_slim shared a tip "So funny !!! My brothers and I love this movie so much !!"

Kenna Bee's profile image

kenna_bee shared a tip "I know its bad. It's so bad. But I love watching this movie. Maybe nostalgia is at work but honestly this movie is just fun."

Angie Solano 's profile image

angie_solano shared a tip "Lenny, not only is he funny but family oriented!"

caelyn_4353 shared a tip "Can’t remember if it was In grow ups or the 2nd one but the basketball scene how abt you"

Luke Breton's profile image

luke_breton_1237 shared a tip "It’s a very funny movie"

emma_394 shared a tip "Funniest movie"

Savannah Crowell's profile image

savannah_crowell shared a tip "One of my favorites is Water Boy! Although I love all of them!!"

Willy rocha's profile image

willy_rocha shared a tip "Well i cant watch jt or somthing how do i do it"

zeid_kolaghassi shared a tip "Its the perfect movie when you ate looking to binge series of movies while having a good laugh"

Jake Eckart's profile image

jake_eckart shared a tip "Probably kevin James he’s funny and fat 😄"

Caspyn May's profile image

caspyn_may shared a tip "It was relly funny"

David Popa's profile image

david_popa shared a tip "Tbh idk theres a lot of good ones"

tyler_mazza shared a tip "It is a very funny movie to watch with mauture kids"

Violet angellotti's profile image

violet_angellotti shared a tip "yes! it’s hilarious"

Violet angellotti's profile image

violet_angellotti shared a tip "yes. heartfelt makes u feel good and hilarious"

Karissa Vanderhorst's profile image

karissa_vanderhorst shared a tip "Very funny movie! Popular with my teenagers! Great for family night."

Shawna Marie's profile image

shawna_marie_7595 shared a tip "Adam Sandler is my favorite!! The grown up movies are so funny and they just make me happy!!"

Becky McLane's profile image

becky_mclane shared a tip "This movie is hilarious"

Dominic Frechette's profile image

dominic_frechette shared a tip "Very funny, a good family movie"

Gracie Kingcade's profile image

gracie_kingcade shared a tip "So good and funny lol"

Natasha 's profile image

mike_4545 shared a tip "Absolutely amazing. Halaireius but don't watch with young children some bad language" 's profile image shared a tip "So relatable"

Kallen Park's profile image

kallen_park shared a tip "Honestly I couldn’t tell you"

Danica Fain's profile image

danica_fain shared a tip "This movies is one of my favorites! If anyone has not seen this movie than your missing out😊"

nikki_twilley shared a tip "Very funny movie!!"

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daniel_turner_2696 shared a tip "A good Adam Sandler movie."

Jenn 's profile image

jenn_5174 shared a tip "LOL😊"

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david_smith_4970 shared a tip "Funny, laughed my ass off."

beverly_brown_6176 shared a tip "Family oriented and funny!"

Yaneliz S's profile image

yaneliz_s shared a tip "I just love any adam sandler movie ❤️❗️."

Monica Duskin's profile image

monica_duskin shared a tip "So funny!"

lizzie_schwieterman shared a tip "hilarious"

Grace Mork's profile image

grace_mork shared a tip "Good comedy"

Infernus 's profile image

infernus shared a tip "Very good combination of actors. They all compliment each other's sence of humor"

Leo B's profile image

leo_b_165 shared a tip "The only reason I watched this is because Adam Sandler is in it ok it's funny af"

ky 's profile image

kyamarie shared a tip "i love movies with adam sandler and his little friend group like kevin james, chris rock, david spade hilarious together"

missa_gnann shared a tip "Hilarious all the way through"

Mai 's profile image

macm shared a tip "The comfort food of movies"

Madison Neighbors's profile image

madison_neighbors shared a tip "I love this movie because it’s really funny"

Tracel Dickerson's profile image

Thatgurlcel shared a tip "Love this movie!! So hilarious! The second movie is even better!"

Yeidrialis Rodriguez's profile image

yeidrialis_rodriguez shared a tip "Funny"

Ashunti Russell's profile image

ashunti_russell shared a tip "Love it so much!I laugh so much of this movie and would rewatch over and over again."

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marco_bodt_4405 shared a tip "Funny"

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