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San Jose, California, 1906. Isolated in her labyrinthine mansion, eccentric firearm heiress Sarah Winchester believes that she is being haunted by the souls of those killed by the guns manufactured by her company.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2018-02-02

Runtime 100 minutes

Budget $3.5m

Revenue $44m


TMDB 5.9


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Likewise shared a tip "Streaming 7/1"

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crystal_hammond_6284 shared a tip "Loved this movie! Hands down an intriguing horror and storyline that keeps you wondering?"

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aliyah_s. shared a tip "This movie was a bit boring. I was expecting more of a jump scare and excitement. I did not get that at all."

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chrissy_brooks shared a tip "If you liked 13 ghost I really think you would love this movie I really enjoyed it"

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jeanette_canard shared a tip "Based on a true story about the Winchester family and demons."

adelyn_picciani shared a tip "Good story and Helen Mirren. What more is there?"

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kaela_ward_4291 shared a tip "I like how it was based on an actual house. Now that I know the house exists, it's on my bucket list to visit!"

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emily_gunter_5423 shared a tip "I really thought the trailer was better than the movie. It was too theatrical for my liking."

Jazmyne Caputo's profile image

jazmyne_caputo shared a tip "It’s the perfect movie to keep you on your toes and has a lot of jump scares."

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lyn_8351 shared a tip "For real mystery and horror fans- this is a stupid movie with and agenda. Don’t waste your time."

E McCune's profile image

e_mccune shared a tip "Fantastic movie."

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Thegirlnextdoor shared a tip "It’s really good I really liked it"

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andree_ambler shared a tip "Helen Mirren AND based on a true life superstitious family = utter delight."

Ralph Rosema's profile image

ralph_rosema shared a tip "Excellent movie"

Anastasia Klyne's profile image

anastasia_klyne shared a tip "I was really looking forward to this movie but was highly disappointed."

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dalia_georgianna shared a tip "Its ok"

evelyn_amalvert shared a tip "I really liked this one. Few jump-scares actually got me"

joey_whitfield shared a tip "Based on the true events. Was cool to see a movie about the house that ghost adventures explored."

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sky_love shared a tip "It was the perfect amount of scary and real!"

alyssa_flannery shared a tip "Very interesting"

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cassy_williams shared a tip "Great movie!"

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audra_simpson shared a tip "Creepy, great atmosphere"

courtney_hennebury shared a tip "Super good"

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mar_c_8217 shared a tip "Love Hellen Mirren and it's based on a true story. Those are the best."

Jessica Lela's profile image

jessica_lela shared a tip "Amazing story based off of events that my mother heard about when she was little."

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brooke_harwood shared a tip "I loved this movie"

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janice_bonjovi shared a tip "My kind of movie! It kept me on my toes."

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megan_rowland_1379 shared a tip "So good! I enjoyed every minute!"

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sammi_sammich shared a tip "cool"

deja_barbed shared a tip "It was okay :)"

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