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A group of college friends reunite for a trip to the forest, but encounter a menacing presence in the woods that's stalking them.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2017-10-11

Runtime 94 minutes

Budget $1m

Revenue $1.8m


TMDB 6.208


HORROR 🩸👻🔪's profile image

kristina_barnes_7201 shared a tip "This was one of the few movies that had a jump scare that actually made me jump."

Lyndon Bray's profile image

lyndon_bray shared a tip "Really awesome movie! Refreshingly creative, love the use of folklore."

Paige Graham's profile image

paigeclemons shared a tip "Perfect to watch around the Halloween season. Creepy and fairly decent CGI despite the low budget. (IMO: a little spooky)"

Qu33rInF34r 's profile image

horrorgeek shared a tip "Took 2 watches to understand what was going on. The monster dude looks hella ******* cool. Pretty good."

Rae 👽✨'s profile image

inutrasha shared a tip "Mothman who? Come back when you're as gorgeous as my wife (the jōtun)"

eileen_moran shared a tip "Very creepy!"

Sydney Scothon's profile image

sydney_scothon shared a tip "I thought it was a good movie funny at times and scary in other parts"

Maya Rome's profile image

maya_rome shared a tip "this is just foul. like gory asf foul"

Carlyn Buchs's profile image

carlyn_buchs shared a tip "This was awesome!"

Sophia Cortes's profile image

sophia_cortes_8473 shared a tip "this movie gets pretty f*cked up at the end. good movie though with a good plot."

Miles Pickren's profile image

miles_pickren shared a tip "Loved the subtle horror building up over time and the blend of psychological and supernatural suspense."

Lemon Chocolate's profile image

lemon_chocolate shared a tip "This is so good I always recommend it"

michelle_avarron shared a tip "Excellent creature and decent storyline. Ending was a total zero, though."

Jake Klassen's profile image

jake_klassen shared a tip "Had a lot of fun with this one. The Norse touch was neat."

claire armstrong's profile image

claire_armstrong shared a tip "Very well done and unpredictable"

J Wilson's profile image

jwilson_2631 shared a tip "This movie was scary, intense and suspenseful, very entertaining to watch. I especially enjoyed the original concept."

Ang Colby's profile image

ang_colby shared a tip "This movie was ok. I wouldn't say it was to die for, but I wasn't bored"

Angel 's profile image

angel33 shared a tip "👍👍👍"

Sergio Flores's profile image

FlashyTurnip shared a tip "Absolutely terrifying. Watched this on a whim after a Netflix auto-trailer. Go figure"

Rain Yagmur Kardas's profile image

rain_yagmur_kardas shared a tip "This movie is one of my all time fav horrors. The ending is powerful. 10/10 RECOMMEND"

Madeline Scott's profile image

madeline_scott_155 shared a tip "One of my all time favorite horror movies!"

Trish Contreras's profile image

trish_contreras shared a tip "This movie scared the s**t out of me good thing I wasn't watching alone 😂"

sydney grant's profile image

sydney_grant_6748 shared a tip "Creepy, you never know what’s gonna happen. I loved it."

Alex 's profile image

Thegirlnextdoor shared a tip "It was really good I do recommend!"

scott_mcelhaney shared a tip "Very creepy and disturbing. It messed with me for weeks after seeing. I can’t recommend it enough!"

ann_johnson_ shared a tip "Good flick"

Kristi Peterson's profile image

kristi_peterson shared a tip "Intense creeping dread is what makes this movie awesome. Interesting story, and the reveal didn’t disappoint."

Mme price-sanchez's profile image

mme_price-sanchez shared a tip "Very scary definetly something you watch if you dont want to be able to sleep"

anthony_falu shared a tip "Amazing movie! Definitely a horror fav"

Sam Smith's profile image

sam_smith_2193 shared a tip "A Supernatural thriller that is amazing!!!"

Shari Townsend's profile image

shari_townsend_4688 shared a tip "This movie is amazing 👏"

Ains Yeager's profile image

ainsproclaims shared a tip "A well conceived monster survival movie. Not trying to rewrite the genre but it hits all of the notes."

Anna Wong's profile image

anna_wong_7333 shared a tip "I love this movie. I can watch it over and over again, and never get tired of it"

Vivianny Alfonso's profile image

vivianny_alfonso shared a tip "if you like suspense and creepy. this is IT. Not too many jump scares but definitely would keep you up at night."

evelyn_pakinewatik shared a tip "Good Monster"

azure_celentano shared a tip "One of my favorite movies of all time"

Breaunna Jackson's profile image

breaunna_jackson shared a tip "I'm reading the book as well, and both are really good (the book so far)"

tess_manke shared a tip "seriously scared me. loved it."

DISLEX 's profile image

dislex shared a tip "It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time!"

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