Time Trap poster


A group of students become trapped inside a mysterious cave where they discover time passes differently underground than on the surface.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2017-05-19

Runtime 95 minutes


TMDB 6.1


Sherrie Tallant's profile image

sherrie_tallant shared a tip "One of my favorite movies! Great suspense and original story line! I've the uniqueness of it!"

Samantha Blizzard's profile image

samantha_blizzard shared a tip "Very interesting. You won’t even care that the acting is bad because the premise is so captivating that it hooks you instantly."

sylver_smith shared a tip "an interesting and compelling watch, despite the movie’s problematic portrayal of indigenous people"

Ashley Zee's profile image

ashley_zee shared a tip "Lol this movie was so bad that it was good, and I honestly think about it a lot since I watched it"

Kira The Light 's profile image

kira_the_light shared a tip "Any book recommendations similar to this plot?"

patty_valentine shared a tip "Hope to see ten make another because this one was great"

Christian Bell's profile image

christian_bell shared a tip "This is a really good Sci-fi movie that actually made some sense. I recommend you try it."

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "Super cool, a bit confusing. #highlyrecommended and I would totally watch again."

Olive 's profile image

oliveisconfused shared a tip "Sooo good!! It has an unexpected twist and is such a good movie if you're into time travel, sci-fi, etc!!"

brooke_nichols_3888 shared a tip "Weird but good"

Chris Register's profile image

fairlyoddfaery shared a tip "This is one of the better time travel movies. Story is not incredibly deep but is unique as far as what I have seen."

Maude Castonguay's profile image

maude_castonguay_4010 shared a tip "Don't mind the acting, the movie and the story are really good."

Jailin Cruz-Castillo's profile image

jailin_cruz-castillo shared a tip "I loved this movie a highly recommend watching"

Ams Odd's profile image

ams_odd shared a tip "A bit campy, but still good fun to watch."

Joshua F's profile image

JoshuaLF shared a tip "This movie screwed with my mind in such a way that made me love it."

Colby Albert's profile image

colby_albert shared a tip "A"

Jayme Morgan 's profile image

horror_buff_gal shared a tip "Must watch! Loved the idea they went with for this movie."

DISLEX 's profile image

dislex shared a tip "A must watch!"

Laurie Martucci's profile image

laurie_martucci shared a tip "Fantastic!! Watch it!!"

Corine Brown's profile image

corine_brown shared a tip "I actually loved this movie! Would like to see a second part!"

Autumn Rose's profile image

autumn_rose_9977 shared a tip "Trippy but interesting concept of a show. Kept me glued to the screen"

Leah Kuschel's profile image

leah_kuschel shared a tip "This is an awesome movie that makes you think about what happened and their situation."

Emily Pongpakdee's profile image

emily_pongpakdee shared a tip "Had potential, but ended so quickly left us scratching our heads and wondering where things went sideways..."

Kelcey Peterson's profile image

kelcey_peterson shared a tip "Kinda blew my mind watching it. But also left me a little sad"

Kara Demetropoulos's profile image

kara_demetropoulos shared a tip "Better than I expected, it's a pretty wild ride. Worth a watch even just to poke fun at"

Cathy Sneden's profile image

cathy_sneden shared a tip "This was great! Story was really good. You should watch it!"

Emily Turcotte's profile image

emily_turcotte shared a tip "Drama and shivers ♡"

Tamara Lencioni's profile image

tamara_lencioni shared a tip "I have so many, but probably My name is Khan or Snowpiercer."

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