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Annie's life is a mess. But when she finds out her lifetime best friend is engaged, she simply must serve as Lillian's maid of honor. Though lovelorn and broke, Annie bluffs her way through the expensive and bizarre rituals. With one chance to get it perfect, she’ll show Lillian and her bridesmaids

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2011-05-13

Runtime 125 minutes

Budget $33m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 6.5


Meredith Lavergne's profile image

Meredith shared a tip "I use the “I’m ready to PARTAAAAAY” gif for every occassion. What’s your most quotable line from this funny film?"

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ian shared a tip "Really fun movie!"

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sue shared a tip "Such a fun movie - we use lines from it all the time. One of our favs “Helen knows the owner’"

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beadzombie shared a tip "Painful to watch, but full of laughs! #cringey #comedy #cringeworthy"

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bubbapetty shared a tip "FUNNY!!!!!!!"

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cynthia_217 shared a tip "My choice for funniest chick flick. This is one of my favorites."

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amy_santi shared a tip "An All Female Cast Comedy Gem"

triniti99 shared a tip "When you need to laugh, this is a sure bet"

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girlmadeofstars shared a tip "So so SO funny."

carrie_nygard shared a tip "Girl humor at its best"

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michelle_fisher_2110 shared a tip "I'm ready to paaaarrtty!"

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aaron_7939 shared a tip "Still laughing out loud.."

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toni_jack_7362 shared a tip "🤣🤣"

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angela_edwards_8490 shared a tip "Hilarious"

jackie_yow shared a tip "The scene in the bridal shop. Yours?"

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yvonne_stoikos shared a tip "Melissa McCarthy. 'nuff said."

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cindy_biernat shared a tip "Great!"

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rhonda_mills shared a tip "All of it!"

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mark_bleichwehl_1946 shared a tip "Funny great cast especially Melissa McCarthy"

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denise_puckett shared a tip "Laugh so hard my stomach hurt..for days"

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tyler_718 shared a tip "Hilariously funny Kirsten Wigg going through a serious of very low lows in this comedy, with an uplifting ending."

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brittney_burrell shared a tip "The dad saying he ain't paying for the wedding"

sonya_reid shared a tip "Funny in a “I farted” kind of way."

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matthew_weismann shared a tip "McCarthy's breakthrough role is epic. More raunchy then later works"

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cindy_ross_865 shared a tip "Let me give this some thought. This was such a great movie. I’ll let you know if I think of anything."

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cindy_ross_865 shared a tip "I’m trying to think of some."

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corey_vaughan shared a tip "Favorite movie is Finding Forrester. What about you?"

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danielle_anderson_4344 shared a tip "WAAAAAY too many to name lol"

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alora_hamilton shared a tip "A rent suggestion"

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lisa_patch shared a tip "Relatable!"

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ariana_goswick shared a tip "HILARIOUS"

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caroline_meyer shared a tip "Always a winner!"

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sandra_laszkiewicz shared a tip "Women. Are. Funny."

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jon_haslauer shared a tip "Boring, don't waste your time."

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heather_greentree-roach shared a tip "OMG watched it 3 time at the theater"

ivy_salem shared a tip "Very funny!!"

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karen_wagner_mcguigan shared a tip "Has to be the food poisening scene"

nancy_rinearson shared a tip "Any scene with Melissa maybe airplane scene."

Victoria Kornieva Robitaille's profile image

victoria_kornieva_robitaille shared a tip "Probably the scene where everyone got food poisoning 😂"

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adriana_lua shared a tip "When the bride to be poops on the middle on the street 🤣"

lauren_ruhr shared a tip "Hilarious!"

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deb_noonan shared a tip "All of Melissa McCarthy. Did you know her character was based on Guy Fieri?"

frenzel_torres shared a tip "S h I t lol"

sharon_3611 shared a tip "ExcellenT movie!"

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jeff_sherry shared a tip "Airplane scene... Melissa McCarthy character owns it"

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brenda_garcia_4285 shared a tip "Its coming outlike lava !!! Dont look at me ! 🤣🤣🤣"

elaine_ebach shared a tip "Gets me laughing every time"

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shanna_pankey shared a tip "SO many classic quotes. Love it!"

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michelle_gonzales_2001 shared a tip "Hilarious!! I couldn't quit laughing and crying!!"

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michelle_nesbitt shared a tip "This one never gets old!!! Hilarious🤣🤣"

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cindy_lee_2129 shared a tip "Absolutely hilarious!"

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jason_theodoroff shared a tip "A really good laugh"

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jared_holder_8251 shared a tip "McCarthy kills"

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david_mckenzie shared a tip "It's a fun one. Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson are hilarious in this."

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KittehLoaf shared a tip "Whoops! Sorry for the late reply! Honestly any Studio Ghibli film is my favorite. What about yours?"

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cheyenne_mcqueen shared a tip "Yes I'll have to review my list of funny movies:)"

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deb_coln shared a tip "Relatable, real, hilarious!!!"

julia_4055 shared a tip "Clue"

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alicia_durst shared a tip "It always makes me laugh! Another movie like that for me is ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’. It is hysterical."

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anastacia_garcia shared a tip "Just re-watched this movie the other day. Now I remember why I posted it!"

seymore_butt shared a tip "The airplane scene haha. How about you?"

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monica_betancourt_7152 shared a tip "So many...the plane scene, the cop pulling her over scene, the engagement toast, the dress"

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thom_mcarth shared a tip "Finny"

denis_jun shared a tip "I liked it had different styles of comedy in the movie"

Lisa Vannieuwenhove's profile image

lisa_vannieuwenhove shared a tip "Definitely the airplane scene."

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rachel_perez shared a tip "The mexican restaurant incident.."

briana_cage shared a tip "everything."

giuliaa shared a tip "classic!"

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erika_silk shared a tip "So many great ones in this film! But the chocolate in the teeth when they are discussing the guy she is dating kills me lol"

nathan_sanabria shared a tip "F"

ana_perez_1719 shared a tip "Totally a chick filk"

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deleted_user_1606520326716 shared a tip "How do you pick just one? Either the bathroom scene or the plane!"

michelle_988 shared a tip "Get ready to laugh like no tomorrow"

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moka_jae shared a tip "The most funniest movie I’ve ever seen in my life!! My go to when I want a really good laugh."

alejandra_403 shared a tip "Fun"

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meagen_carter shared a tip "Megan!! and not just because we share a name haha"

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cindy_belcher shared a tip ""Helen knows the owner" or my favorite,,, Stove, whata kinda name is that? Lol lol"

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kayla_wilkins_7023 shared a tip "I like this movie #comedy #romance #classics #friendship"

michele_foster_1008 shared a tip "I liked it. Funny!"

cameron_8595 shared a tip "i laughed the whole movie! I've watched it 50 times"

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chelsea_blenus shared a tip "The movie was honestly really funny, has good actors and is a great movie to watch alone or with friends!!"

chaslyn_williams shared a tip "It’s pretty funny. Good cast."

meg_6854 shared a tip "Hilarious! Never a fun watch"

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bean_n_bacon shared a tip "Great cast! Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious! For those who don’t like some foul may not enjoy"

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madison_crosby_2824 shared a tip "It was. I’ve seen Bad Moms, Rough Night, and Girls Trip that reminds me of this movie. I hope you like them."

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terry_stinson_8022 shared a tip "Super funny! I have seen it twice!!!"

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gabrielle_gomez shared a tip "I thought it was hilarious! Definitely recommend it!"

scott_killen shared a tip "These ladies made my stomach hurt."

shelly_weathers shared a tip "The story is not the tightest but the episodic bits are hilarious"

edward_moyer_jr. shared a tip "You’re welcome!"

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adam_nikoletsos shared a tip "Fantastic!"

harjinder_rai shared a tip "It is so worth it. A true comedy with lots of laughs - can’t wait to hear what you think"

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casssie shared a tip "This one is pretty funny!"

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nikki_avery_6238 shared a tip "Yes! I love Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway!"

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joy_bernet shared a tip "This movie is a legend. I still quote it daily"

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