Fear Street: 1978 poster


In 1978, two rival groups at Camp Nightwing must band together to solve a terrifying mystery when horrors from their towns' history come alive.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2021-07-08

Runtime 110 minutes


TMDB 7.3


𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒐 𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐 ✪'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "I think I like ‘94 better but this was good too. Gave me Friday 13th vibes a little with the whole camp scenario."

Tyler 's profile image

tyler_2005 shared a tip "🌟4.5/5🌟"

chrissy_5700 shared a tip "I love Sadie Sink! This movie was mid for me in terms of plot, but I stan anything Sadie does, so it’s a win for me."

Wraith Phoenix's profile image

wraith_phoenix shared a tip "This made me ugly cry"

Alex 's profile image

Linklex7 shared a tip "Not as good as the first part, but still enjoyable."

Leilah Hussain's profile image

leilah_hussain shared a tip "This one was my fav although I have not seen 1666 just yet. Loved the music"

Trish Martin's profile image

trish_martin shared a tip "Fantastic horror trilogy. Amazing characters in another timeline and the soundtrack does not disappoint!"

Deena 's profile image

swanqueen shared a tip "Out of the 3 films this one was my favorite, spooky gayyy"

Zoe Beilfuss's profile image

zoe_beilfuss shared a tip "A wonderful slasher!"

Death Falling's profile image

death_falling shared a tip "This whole trilogy is fantastic"

Lisa Twigg's profile image

twiggyluvsyou shared a tip "Probably my favorite out of the fear street trilogy. The atmosphere, the characters and the story are so vivid."

i love harry styles's profile image

clara- shared a tip "i love it so much"

i love harry styles's profile image

clara- shared a tip "best movie out of the trilogy"

Sarah Jenson's profile image

sarah_jenson shared a tip "Love this trilogy! Great storyline!!"

Trisha Howson's profile image

trisha_howson shared a tip "This is a really good series"

boo_boo_2959 shared a tip "Boooooooooooring!"

Madison :)'s profile image

colbybrockswife shared a tip "one of my fav horror movies 🍿"

Learah Rollins's profile image

learah shared a tip "Way better than part 1"

RJ Archer's profile image

rj_archer shared a tip "It’s a cross between scream and Salem witch trials I loved it"

taylor <3's profile image

taylor_forster shared a tip "favorite one of 3"

Aundria Vanderveur's profile image

dre.1992 shared a tip "I actually really enjoyed these"

Urmomisgay4me 's profile image

Jill_Klopp shared a tip "YES"

Abby 's profile image

abbs1202 shared a tip "Probably my favorite in the trilogy, but a very interesting and entertaining story that kept its theme throughout the movies."

Joey Levy's profile image

joey_levy shared a tip "For that nostalgic horror"

bw 's profile image

bwch13 shared a tip "yes yes yes"

Khali BTS's profile image

khali_bts shared a tip "I liked the both the queer representation and the thrill!"

Mel M's profile image

Melioo shared a tip "Ugh, maybe one of the scariest movies I've ever seen?? (Well maybe just the gore..) but this is so cool, I love this movie!!"

Gus Yeager's profile image

gus_yeager shared a tip "This is a slasher done right. Spectacular movie."

sidra_sindha shared a tip "This is the best Fear Street movie or just movie in general."

Shelby Rose's profile image

shelby_rose_6941 shared a tip "Loved this part two! It was so good!"

Kai O’Conner's profile image

kxai_oconner shared a tip "my favorite movie in the series"

Aaliyah Moore's profile image

aaliyah_moore_3228 shared a tip "The movie was good but bloody"

Philip Dressel's profile image

philip_dressel_9652 shared a tip "Great job paying homage to campy slashers from the 80s"

Mary Lou 's profile image

marylou3 shared a tip "definitely my fav part of the trilogy, SUCH A GREAT MOVIE SERIES."

Jynx 🪴🍄🍂🌱's profile image

yourlocallesbian shared a tip "Gory & amazing acting"

Sarah 's profile image

Shadyside shared a tip "AMAZING"

Jasmine Vance's profile image

jasmine_vance shared a tip "This series was so good! That I wish I saved it to watch on Halloween!"

sophia lovejoy's profile image

sophia_lovejoy shared a tip "THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD OMG"

jordan_6783 shared a tip "The best part of the trilogy. I wish this could work as a standalone, since it’s the only one I’d recommend."

alicia_hernandez_817 shared a tip "8/10"

Alex Houser's profile image

alex_houser_4664 shared a tip "All the jump scares were amazing. This was a great experience."

amy.ireland shared a tip "Very very good movie"

Marie-Grace 's profile image

grac_ie shared a tip "Honestly like part two WAY better than part one"

Brooke Crawford's profile image

brooke_crawford_5538 shared a tip "Great movie if you want a good scare. 10/10 would recommend"

Hey there It’s kirstyn's profile image

hey_there_its_kirst shared a tip "It was perfect"

Amanda Lake's profile image

amanda_lake shared a tip "Not as good as the 1st one, but I enjoyed it and can’t wait for 1666!"

Kat Malvin's profile image

Pathic42 shared a tip "Honest call back to original slasher flicks. Loved it! Songs alone are worth the watch if you were in HS in the 90s."

CAEDEN FISHER's profile image

caeden_fisher shared a tip "It wasn't the best horror movie but it wasn't the worst good time waster if anything"

Lane Carman's profile image

lane_carman shared a tip "It excelled beyond the typical "camp slasher" movie by adding overt supernatural elements."

James Ward's profile image

lavish_light_skin shared a tip "Way better than Part 1, a good story in and of itself that gets bogged down having to explain its relation to Part 1."

luckycharmz 91's profile image

luckycharmz_91 shared a tip "Loved it and connects so well with the first one"

Arnie Slater's profile image

arnie_slater shared a tip "Awesome 78 vibe and soundtrack to go with the Friday the 13 ish thrills and chills"

ladyofarden shared a tip "A camp slasher thats a solid part two to the trilogy"

Anne-Marie 's profile image

anne-marie_5647 shared a tip "definitely my favorite out of the three!! love sadie sink<3"

Bxtchpotter 's profile image

hannah_8366 shared a tip "So interesting and lots of gore"

Megan Knight's profile image

megan_knight_6564 shared a tip "The other two that go with this one are great of course. I also liked "A common horror story" and "cabin in the woods""

forrest nelson's profile image

forrest_nelson shared a tip "Awesome trilogy, really well done, excellent soundtrack"

Brenna Simmons's profile image

brenna_simmons shared a tip "SO FREAKING GOOD"

Kristin Floyd's profile image

kristin_floyd shared a tip "AMAZING! So many twists and kept you on the edge on your seat"

Hally Wiseman's profile image

hally_wiseman shared a tip "A bit more disturbing than the first installment. Not my favorite out of the three."

Santana Lopez's profile image

santana_lopez_9874 shared a tip "why did it only just occur to me how star studded this cast is"

amanda_daoust shared a tip "It was a fun watch if you like slasher films."

Swirv DaVinci's profile image

swirv_davinci shared a tip "My favorite out of the trilogy! Really liked how they channeled Friday the 13th"

bird chvatal's profile image

bird_chvatal shared a tip "i like when they found out the big secret at the end"

Janilet Williams's profile image

janilet_williams shared a tip "My favorite of the trilogy"

Megangrady 's profile image

hello_me._megan shared a tip "This movie will make you worry at the same time as to want to know more"

Becky Froberg's profile image

becky_froberg_5637 shared a tip "Amazing show. I loved all 3 parts. I love the way they connected all the parts together. Definitely should watch."

Diana Garcia's profile image

diana_garcia_6529 shared a tip "I like them all but I would have to pick either 1778 or 1666"

rosslyn 's profile image

moonradiation shared a tip "alice and cindy were in love."

kristin_lambert shared a tip "My favorite of the series. All of them are amazing but this was such a great build up for the ending."

Grace Walker's profile image

grace_walker_7836 shared a tip "What's not to love about child murder!"

Autumn Hill's profile image

autumn_hill_7080 shared a tip "Amazing kills"

Andria Yelverton's profile image

andria_yelverton shared a tip "Great series! Worth watching"

paige_g_4909 shared a tip "Very gay and good writing"

rafia 's profile image

rafia_5844 shared a tip "sadie sink"

youngdemocrat 's profile image

youngdemocrat shared a tip "I dislike horror but this was amazing! 9.5/10"

Heshima Wa-Mtu's profile image

heshima_wa-mtu shared a tip "Prequel to the 1st…has just enough horror, suspense, teenage love, mystery and blood..!!!"

Kayla Cattouse-Cowans's profile image

kayla_cattouse-cowa shared a tip "#amazing"

angel_vazquez_parra shared a tip "It's the perfect thriller movie, and I love how it keeps you entertained!!"

Aria 's profile image

aria_6530 shared a tip "Literally the best out of ALL the fear street trilogy. Fight me. #fearstreet"

brookelyn_kiel shared a tip "my favorite of all the fear streets"

BARK WOOF's profile image

bark_woof shared a tip "Worth the watch!"

evelieyn 's profile image

evelieyn shared a tip "all time favorite movie!!!"

jaycee fancher's profile image

jaycee_fancher shared a tip "I LOVED THIS SO MUCH"

Josh Sutherland's profile image

josh_sutherland shared a tip "A perfect horror trilogy, loved how they changed the style based on the year events were taking place"

Shyann Editor's profile image

shyann_editor shared a tip "Great movie if you don’t like scary movies but want to watch a “scary”thriller"

Arianna 's profile image

arianna_p.c.c shared a tip "I like the Fear Street series, it has INCREDIBLE plot twists, lgbtq representation, and it just has an overall good plot."

Ella Dees's profile image

ella_dees shared a tip "This is an amazing movie! It is my favorite out of all the three!"

ella_labarge shared a tip "A refreshing add to the horror genre with a slight modern day feel as well as sticking to a classic feel."

NATALIE DICKERSON's profile image

natalie_dickerson shared a tip "Love the twists"

brynn_johnson-shrout shared a tip "So good, honestly!"

TrentonLovesMovies 's profile image

trentonlovesmovies shared a tip "definitely my favorite film out of the trilogy. the vibes. the aesthetic. the gore. the characters. the setting. LOVED IT."

Celt Ward's profile image

celt_ward shared a tip "Absolutely loved this trilogy, this one probably being the best of the three!"

Aspire is to inspire before we expire Ohana's profile image

aspire_is_to_inspir shared a tip "I love the entire trilogy very scream-esque"

Cassie O's profile image

yourmuse shared a tip "Interesting, classic LGBT film with good suspense and horror scenes."

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