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An urgent phone call pulls a Yale Law student back to his Ohio hometown, where he reflects on three generations of family history and his own future.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2020-11-09

Runtime 117 minutes


TMDB 6.8


Alexandra Lazarow's profile image

alexandra_lazarow shared a tip "Baffled by the critics. I enjoyed this movie and the acting was outstanding"

Suzy Bee of Sisters of the Spoon 's profile image

suzy_bee shared a tip "You might need a tissue. I did."

Emmeline Adkins's profile image

emmeline_adkins shared a tip "Movie based on the memoir that threw Appalachia under the bus, no thanks, read Elizabeth Catte’s work instead"

Tomas Correia's profile image

tomas_correia shared a tip "Don't pay attention to the critics, amazing movie, stellar performances"

Maria Tarro's profile image

maria_tarro shared a tip "Awesome movie!!"

JD Miller's profile image

jd_miller shared a tip "This was a truly crazy sad film. But there is triumph at the end. Superb acting as always by G. Close and A. Adams. Must see."

Marianna Blanco Boyadjian's profile image

marianna_blanco_boy shared a tip "Extremely touching!!"

Christa Reday's profile image

christa_reday shared a tip "OMG, such a great story and movie!!!"

Obada Abdullah's profile image

obada_abdullah shared a tip "💕💕"

Rachel♡ 's profile image

rachie13 shared a tip "This movie is my favorite! It makes you cry and laugh and it's a Rollercoaster of emotions. I really recommend you watch this."

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starkdameron shared a tip "every single performance in this movie is great im just 😅 phew"

leslie_diebolt shared a tip "Loved this movie on Netflix!"

susan_phillips_9329 shared a tip "The acting was good, but even though the critics panned it, I thought I’d really enjoy it. I was disappointed."

Javaughn Stewart's profile image

javaughn_stewart shared a tip "It is a good movie."

dianne_hauser shared a tip "Very worth seeing. Excellent cast, true story, and fascinating."

annette_rivera shared a tip "Incredible acting"

angee_barbe shared a tip "Great movie! The cast give a stellar performance!"

Daniel Driewer-Blick's profile image

daniel_driewer-blick shared a tip "Gritty, true and awesome!"

DeeAnn Werre's profile image

deeann_werre shared a tip "Excellent - very thought provoking."

Linda Smith's profile image

linda_smith_14 shared a tip "Great acting and compelling story"

Pat Love's profile image

pat_love shared a tip "Great actors and actresses. Believable."

Amanda Rau's profile image

amanda_rau shared a tip "The ending when everything comes full circle."

Lindsey Pyle's profile image

lindsey_pyle shared a tip "Phenomenal cast. Raw movie that picks at the fabric of what it means to be family. Moving and Emotional. Great film."

Tiana Fitzgerald's profile image

tiana_fitzgerald shared a tip "Made me ball 🥺. I loved it."

J Paquet's profile image

j_paquet shared a tip "Best movie I've watch this year!"

Janet Brown's profile image

janet_brown_2272 shared a tip "Probably the grit and character development of the lead. Amy Adams did a great job too."

stephanie_constanzo shared a tip "Super under rated!"

Jennifer Rose's profile image

jennifer_rose_7004 shared a tip "Raw and believable"

Karen Slaughter's profile image

karen_slaughter_1675 shared a tip "True story"

M. Leondard's profile image

m._leondard shared a tip "A sensitive look into the chaos and lasting grief of intergenerational trauma."

Michelle Reed's profile image

michelle_reed_1592 shared a tip "Pretty accurate depiction of a family plauged by domestic violence, poverty, and drugs."

Alyssa Ferrera's profile image

alyssa_ferrera shared a tip "Superior acting and very well written"

Jesse Gasparis's profile image

jesse_gasparis shared a tip "Shocking-ly real"

Meg Jenson's profile image

meg_jenson shared a tip "Do NOT listen to the critic reviews on this one. Way off base here."

Zaiya Garza's profile image

zaiya_garza shared a tip "Its a painful story of family told beautifully, would 100% recommend"

terri_farina shared a tip "Excellent movie. Great acting."

bailey_ross shared a tip "Reality based with happy ending"

Mahogany Magic's profile image

mahogany_magic shared a tip "I like watching Hillbillies do stupid hillbilly crap"

leanne_macdonald shared a tip "Loved trie storey"

Whittni Reisch's profile image

whittni_reisch shared a tip "Such an important story to tell and proves that you can rise above your upbringing. Amazing acting and felt so real!"

Macey Wilson's profile image

maceyreneewilson shared a tip "Good"

maggie storts's profile image

maggie_storts shared a tip "Yes but the book is better!"

Jennifer Pyles's profile image

jennifer_pyles shared a tip "Excellent story, plot and character development"

Trisha Naedler's profile image

trisha_naedler shared a tip "The acting and character development in this movie was amazing, really enjoyed it."

Meagan Eddy's profile image

meagan_eddy shared a tip "Good movie"

cheryl_mekanik shared a tip "Well made love Ron Howard films"

Javier Ojeda's profile image

javier_ojeda_4105 shared a tip "Great acting"

Janice Seiberling's profile image

janice_seiberling shared a tip "Wasn’t sure when I started it but it turned out to be good"

Akhil Kondapaneni's profile image

akhil_012 shared a tip "This one's too close to home. Will hold a special place in my heart."

Rich McNeill's profile image

rich_mcneill shared a tip "Good view of real life"

Andrew Dvorachek's profile image

andrew_dvorachek shared a tip "I rooting for this one because i liked it so much"

Brian Jaynes's profile image

BrJaynes shared a tip "This movie is raw and real."

Beth Davis's profile image

beth_davis_5951 shared a tip "I don't understand how this was award winning"

Amanda Gillespie's profile image

amanda_gillespie_136 shared a tip "A new favorite of mine."

stacey_vannatter_6293 shared a tip "Another sad sign of the times"

becky_balder shared a tip "Fantastic look at a very ignored demographic."

kathryn_howard_3297 shared a tip "This was really good."

alexandra_k._daniel shared a tip "All around perfect movie about life, love, regrets, and staying true to your dreams."

olivia_231 shared a tip "Oooo, I like the scene with the mom and the sob in the hotel room, so powerful and sad but also touching"

Ka'Dee McElroy's profile image

kadee_mcelroy shared a tip "Memoir and insightful"

abby_bannon shared a tip "*"

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