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As a grisly virus rampages a city, a lone man stays locked inside his apartment, digitally cut off from seeking help and desperate to find a way out.

MPAA Rating -

Status Released

Release Date 2020-06-24

Runtime 98 minutes

Budget $6.3m

Revenue $13m


TMDB 7.3


𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒐 𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐 ✪'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "Real good especially if you liked train to busan or TWD"

Marcus 's profile image

mco shared a tip "Very entertaining zombie flick."

Pınar 's profile image

nardeniz shared a tip "Watched it while i was on road and enjoyed"

Cherry Lover 🍒's profile image

Cherry_Lover shared a tip "It was a unique and fun zombie flick!"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Love a great zombie movie"

Charlotte 's profile image

motherofmacaroni shared a tip "Thought I was over zombie movies but this one was so refreshing! Loved it.."

chaka_chaka shared a tip "Never thought I would like this in a million years but it was actually quite entertaining"

Grace 's profile image

common.speakeasy shared a tip "A great new age zombie movie !"

Amanda Steinert's profile image

Waldeinsamkeit shared a tip "I did. I. Fact I want to watch the directors other work. I liked the perspective in the film. It was refreshing."

Launa 's profile image

launa_w07 shared a tip "If you like zombie movies, you'll love this!"

Corey Simons's profile image

corey_simons shared a tip "Movie is a solid B to B+. The zombie thing can get old but this is story is fresh and it maintains a solid pace."

michelle 's profile image

michelle_2064 shared a tip "Loved it"

Jason Stratford's profile image

jason_stratford shared a tip "Loved this! Very cool and easy to watch and loved the main actor."

Caitlin Boucha's profile image

caitlin_boucha shared a tip "Suspensuful and diferent than every other zombie movie."

Cut Ham's profile image

cut_ham shared a tip "Great for zombie lovers"

carla_martinez_4924 shared a tip "soo goooddd"

Andrea Jerue-Paulley's profile image

andrea_jerue-paulley shared a tip "It was different and I love every bit of it!"

rj_clarke_8969 shared a tip "The final escape!"

Levi Da Official's profile image

levi_da_official shared a tip "It's a gory, violent zombie movie, like if someone used koreans in a Walking Dead movie."

taylor__ shared a tip "SUPPEER!!!"

Daniela Nogueira's profile image

dannz shared a tip "Loved every minute of it, 10/10 would watch again"

lily_hearn shared a tip "Amazing movie! I loved it so much"

Random Kid's profile image

random_kid_7818 shared a tip "Sex"

girlie sparkles's profile image

yerimaltese shared a tip "didn't realize these were getting posted. will write reviews will less typos now💀"

Ixel Pixels's profile image

ixel_pixels shared a tip "it was similar to the walking dead which i loved, yet had its own twists. def reccomend."

Nadiya Sehgal's profile image

nadiya_sehgal shared a tip "Typical zombie film, however still entertaining. It is an east watch. Loved Yoo Ah-In in it!"

Damasabi Mae's profile image

damasabi_mae shared a tip "amazy"

Aiden Williams's profile image

aiden_williams_6684 shared a tip "Gamer moment"

K_Bishop1112 shared a tip "Cool movie👍🏻"

Abigail Fletcher's profile image

abigail_fletcher shared a tip "Terrace zipline"

Elaina Polanco's profile image

elaina_polanco shared a tip "Very thrilling exciting"

John Polus's profile image

john_polus shared a tip "Thrilling, exciting!"

Louise-endie Occessite's profile image

louise-endie_occess shared a tip "Show that even in the last moment, love still here and have to....also freak me out a little bit lmaoo"

grace_foy shared a tip "#coolmovie#scary"

MadsTheOwl OvO 's profile image

madstheowl_ovo shared a tip "It was funny and scary at some points it was very entertaining for me"

Lee eee's profile image

lee_eee shared a tip "Very exciting 9/10"

coldfire 10k's profile image

coldfire_10k shared a tip "I really liked it, it's one of the better modern zombie movies"

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