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In a world where supervillains are commonplace, two estranged childhood best friends reunite after one devises a treatment that gives them powers to protect their city.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2021-04-09

Runtime 107 minutes


TMDB 5.7


Sirena Wallas's profile image

sirena_wallas shared a tip "good and funny movie"

Molly Griffith's profile image

molly_griffith_4205 shared a tip "Just stupid funny. Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman have great chemistry. Love the shout out to Glenn Frye!!!!"

Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "Such a good film that had action and humor! #thunderforce"

somechick73 .'s profile image

lylathewicked shared a tip "Movie is hilarious."

Carla Craddock's profile image

carla_craddock shared a tip "This is a tepid thumbs up. The scenes with Jason Bateman—about a third of the way into the movie—had me in stitches!"

Kathy Clyne's profile image

kathy_clyne shared a tip "It was a great movie I love melissa Mccarthy"

Erica Lane's profile image

erica_lane shared a tip "Funny, full of action"

linda_sherrin shared a tip "I love This movie.. cute and Melissa M !"

Tania Hemrich's profile image

tania_hemrich shared a tip "Loved it!"

Darlene Bunker's profile image

darleneb shared a tip "Ok..She has made much funnier movies"

SP 's profile image

itsveganyo shared a tip "Oh gosh, if you like Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman you’ll love this! Such great silly fun!"

Tayler Tate's profile image

tayler_tate shared a tip "It was funny 😂"

Alina Clark's profile image

Natxx shared a tip "It was hilarious"

rose_m_3900 shared a tip "Funny! Lots of good moments especially with adding Jason Bateman"

Judy Wilkins's profile image

judy_wilkins shared a tip "Melissa always brings laughter and seeing octavia in comedy was spot on"

robin_6968 shared a tip "It got bad reviews, but I thought it was funny."

awesome_user_310267 shared a tip "It was silly and funny. Exactly what you’d expect from a McCarthy movie. Turn your brain off and be entertained"

ryan abrahamson's profile image

ryan_abrahamson_1492 shared a tip "Just the right kind of absurd."

Nicole 's profile image

nicole_2174 shared a tip "It was stupid but funny"

Bob Cahill's profile image

bob_cahill shared a tip "Enjoyable, I am still unsure why I started this movie, I'm pleased I did."

Tess Bell's profile image

tess_bell_9548 shared a tip "It was very funny, not the kind you'd think though. It's more the "its-so-stupid-its-fu not""

Clarence Williams Jr's profile image

clarence_williams_jr shared a tip "I published my new episode Thunder Force, please check it out"

James Agius's profile image

james_agius shared a tip "Very funny!"

Puzzel Ling's profile image

puzzel_ling shared a tip "Action/Comedy funny, absurd. A one watch movie"

Marla Ross Webb's profile image

marla_ross_webb shared a tip "Always love anything with Melissa MacCarthy."

Mikey Smithson's profile image

mikey_smithson shared a tip "this movie had me laughing my ass off and had me sitting in the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next 🥰"

TM 's profile image

latinaliveblogging shared a tip "So so so good!!! Loved it"

Jessica Jorge's profile image

jessica_jorge_8377 shared a tip "Run of the mill family comedy. You can never go wrong with M.M., though."

Kylie Cooks's profile image

kylie_cooks shared a tip "It was a funny superhero drama!"

melanie_stefani shared a tip "Pretty silly but I love Melissa Mccarthy"

Michelle Erfurt's profile image

michelle_erfurt shared a tip "Silly-funny... I enjoyed it!"

Michelle Erfurt's profile image

michelle_erfurt shared a tip "Silly-funny. I enjoyed it."

evan_cook shared a tip "Family fun with some McCarthy dirty humor!"

Lauren 's profile image

lauren_1983 shared a tip "Legit fun"

shirley_kettering shared a tip "Comedy"

sun_8341 shared a tip "Actually, for real, funny."

shelby_albright shared a tip "Incredible"

t_z_4945 shared a tip "Funny"

nikita_ferreira shared a tip "Amazing movie with strong female characters!"

tracy_lanier shared a tip "A really good time. Laugh out loud funny."

chris_kervran shared a tip "Funny movie"

Liz Sajdik's profile image

liz_sajdik shared a tip "Just watch. Super funny!!! Love Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer in this"


Elizabeth Ashurst's profile image

elizabeth_ashurst shared a tip "It was cute and worth a watch. Not my favorite and may not watch again but not mad at it."

Jodi Barbuto's profile image

jodi_barbuto shared a tip "Not very serious and so quirky/funny."

Beth Marinello's profile image

beth_marinello shared a tip "funny"

Jackie Greenfield's profile image

jackie_greenfield shared a tip "FUNNY! ACTORS ARE GREAT"

breahana_pummill shared a tip "Pretty funny at parts. But I would say for all Melissa McCarthy movies this was the most under whelming for her."

nixy_lagares shared a tip "It’s kind of funny"

Terri Anderson's profile image

terri_anderson_5141 shared a tip "Cute lighthearted laughter worth a watch"

Chelsea S's profile image

chelseapini shared a tip "A decent feel-good film."

Cole Howard's profile image

cole_howard_831 shared a tip "Omg this movie is gold, bless this experience"

michelle_thornton shared a tip "Hysterically funny"

Amy Siddaway's profile image

amy_siddaway shared a tip "Cheesy but entertaining"

Niviva Shenanigans's profile image

niviva_shenanigans shared a tip "Comedy and enjoyable Character dynamic. Don't go in expecting action, it is mostly a comedy. I loved the concept."

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