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A mysterious place, an indescribable prison, a deep hole. An unknown number of levels. Two inmates living on each level. A descending platform containing food for all of them. An inhuman fight for survival, but also an opportunity for solidarity.

MPAA Rating NR

Status Released

Release Date 2019-11-08

Runtime 95 minutes


TMDB 7.0


Errika Mason's profile image

errika_mason shared a tip "Spanish audio."

Andrea Kokesch's profile image

andrea_kokesch shared a tip "Intense! One of the better horror movies I've seen in awhile. Not for the squimish lol"

Matt Layfield's profile image

matt_layfield shared a tip "Obvio... Samurai Plus"

Holly Oakland's profile image

holly_oakland shared a tip "Weird but good"

Deena 's profile image

deena_c shared a tip "This is dark, but definitely worth the watch."

Ryan Miller's profile image

rsjm shared a tip "Damn."

Juan 's profile image

juanito shared a tip "Grim but good."

Danielle Coates's profile image

danielle_coates_7279 shared a tip "Weird in the best way"

angela_laran shared a tip "It was good the plot twist (s) was nice and it had a good-decent story plot I rate it 8.3/10"

KV 's profile image

vexed shared a tip "This movie definitely kept me up at night. If your looking for a horror film that’s gonna make you think this is definitely it"

Jessica Daniels's profile image

jessicadaniels shared a tip "Strange and gross, but good."

taylor vigfusson's profile image

taylor_vigfusson shared a tip "very strange but oddly good"

Nikhil Okhade's profile image

nikhil_okhade shared a tip "Excellent movie on the human condition. Watch the movie before you die."

Nikhil Okhade's profile image

nikhil_okhade shared a tip "Classism done right. Fans of parasite will love this too."

Regina 's profile image

regina1026 shared a tip "A very good flick, deep look at the human condition and how far a man will go to stick to his convictions."

Tarana Bhangoo's profile image

tarana_bhangoo shared a tip "If you liked Snowpiercer, you'll definitely like this one as well."

Dee Sanson's profile image

dee_sanson shared a tip "The concept is very interesting and I personally love dystopian psychological thrillers 😫 #dystopia #horror"

Rob Kees's profile image shared a tip "Interesting plot with rich lore"

Cale Keene's profile image

cale_keene shared a tip "More concerned with its lame allegory than developing any memorable characters or interesting conflict."

Haley Hunter's profile image

haley_hunter_8037 shared a tip "This was amazing..."

chloe_langley shared a tip "@gracie_langley_4411 we watched this"

Ana Christy's profile image

ana_christy shared a tip "Graphic and gross"

samuel_2218 shared a tip "I liked the story and was always entertaining.The ending gives you something to think about"

bw/blue 's profile image

bwch13 shared a tip "better than I expected. says a lot about society and makes so much sense even with such a foreign concept as it's front."

Holly Phillippe's profile image

holly_phillippe shared a tip "Thought provoker regarding our social climate."

Miri Nablelizer's profile image

miri_ shared a tip "Loved it, can’t explain why but I really liked it!!"

Corey Simons's profile image

corey_simons shared a tip "This is a good one. Different but with a solid message. It's a solid watch."

Corey Simons's profile image

corey_simons shared a tip "Not for everyone. The messages in the movie are spot on. Enjoyed it...again not for everyone."

gabrielle p's profile image

gabrielle_p shared a tip "My fav part wluld most likely be the end"

Enrike Grageda's profile image

enrikegrageda shared a tip "A great movie that gets you thinking about the inner workings of a society"

cat_castillo shared a tip "It’s in Spanish but I watched dubbed, amazing analogy for the world but also a **** good movie"

stephanie_jones_373 shared a tip "This movie is crazy and amazing"

Cody Tevis's profile image

cody_tevis shared a tip "A lot of people didn’t like it, but I thought it was interesting!"

Ryan Kennedy's profile image

Ryansmoviereview shared a tip "Recommend if you like a little dark thriller, borderline horror"

Logan Payne's profile image

logan_payne_2604 shared a tip "I love this movie as is, but could be a great black mirror episode."

Todd Gelinas's profile image

todd_gelinas shared a tip "This movie is amazing..definitly worth a watch!"

Kristina Wood's profile image

kristina_wood_8210 shared a tip "Not for the faint of heart!"

Kalyn Rose's profile image

kalyn_rose shared a tip "I think it is. I like the messages of the movie."

Jasim Alsayab's profile image

Astro_A shared a tip "One of the best movies of 2019. portrays its message in a twisted and dark way."

Donell Mann's profile image

donell_mann shared a tip "Love love this movie. Very original. Definitely NOT for the squeamish however. Graphic violence..."

danielle_jackson_4420 shared a tip "An interesting concept that give you some food for thought."

terri_hamlin shared a tip "Metaphor for class disparity"

kpops6786 .'s profile image

kpops6786 shared a tip "Creative and interesting view on society and human behavior"

Alex Noles's profile image

alex_noles shared a tip "Great but wasn't made in English so if you can overlook the unsynced lips its amazing"

Jennifer Barber's profile image

1020barber shared a tip "This was absolutely haunting. I usually watch a movie and forget about it, but this one stuck with me fir a long time."

kathy_0 shared a tip "Loved the movie, hated the ending"

luke_smith_2857 shared a tip "Psychological thriller"

Emily Lynch's profile image

emilychase shared a tip "Spanish made flick, incredibly done, highly recommend!"

mil_o shared a tip "Watched January 2022. Pretty good. bizarre ending"

paul_8982 shared a tip "Very smart movie."

Victoria Cervera's profile image

victoria_cervera shared a tip "This movie is twisted and horrifying. If you have a strong stomach and a demented mind you’ll enjoy."

Derrick Casady's profile image

derrick_casady shared a tip "A gritty and honest if not gory commentary on today's events and how people handle a crisis."

deanna_robertson shared a tip "Spanish writing isn't great, so be prepared for corny dialogue. But really unique idea!"

amira_cheikho shared a tip "Interesting concept"

Jyrah Kinsey's profile image

jyrah_kinsey shared a tip "Really good movie 💯"

Gaming Things's profile image

panzershock_ shared a tip "I just finished watching this movie, its awesome, recommended 100%"

Gaming Things's profile image

panzershock_ shared a tip "Recommended 100%, its awesome"

Billie Wyatt's profile image

billie_wyatt shared a tip "AWESOME. Original and very very good"

Kazua Bedker's profile image

kazua_bedker shared a tip "Interesting beware of the gore"

Janna Pena's profile image

janna_pena shared a tip "really makes you think"

Kevin Nguyen's profile image

kevin_nguyen_5497 shared a tip "@lauragarcia1 I would have to say Knives out is my favorite movie of all time!"

Eden Webb's profile image

eden_webb shared a tip "I left this movie thinking of it for days. That ending kills you"

nicole_sullivan_1900 shared a tip "A bit weird"

Kyla Foley's profile image

kyla_foley shared a tip "Unique, unsettling, appropriate social commentary"

Chrys Brown's profile image

chrys_brown shared a tip "Disturbing but couldn't stop watching"

Anna Dasher's profile image

anna_dasher shared a tip "This isn't a "pull the blanket up over your eyes" scary, but it is damn good"

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