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Tanjirō Kamado, joined with Inosuke Hashibira, a boy raised by boars who wears a boar's head, and Zenitsu Agatsuma, a scared boy who reveals his true power when he sleeps, boards the Infinity Train on a new mission with the Fire Hashira, Kyōjurō Rengoku, to defeat a demon who has been tormenting the

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2020-10-16

Runtime 117 minutes

Budget $16m

Revenue $0.5b


TMDB 8.363


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Acetofu shared a tip "Other than animation, this movie has no idea what it wants to be. Mugen Train is a joke of a tearjerker."

quang_141 shared a tip "Great!"

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ixlxyxn shared a tip "Funny,sad and many things I really did like the movie I had ended up watching it in theaters"

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rainee1.0 shared a tip "You can also watch it on Hulu"

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im_a_weebo shared a tip "Best anime in my case 😁"

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ryvant shared a tip "hurt so bad ;-;"

ĘVĪE_GÜRRŁ 's profile image

ve_grr shared a tip "all of it is my favorite honestly 😅"

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DJ_Fuji shared a tip "I love this movie. And I'll watch it again."

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gyro_zeppeliswife shared a tip "The cinematics in this movie are literally breath-taking! The most tear-jerking movie I've seen so far."

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zoe_tran shared a tip "I feel sad for Rengoku.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭"

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Izu shared a tip "cool"

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octo_chara shared a tip "So good. I want more demon slayer."

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alexis_woolverton shared a tip "It had a great story line."

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doot_doot_requiem shared a tip "I cant wait for this to come out!"

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anime_dweeb_uwu shared a tip "IM HELLA HYPED TO WATCH THIS"

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angela_schuler shared a tip "Beautifully animated and faithfully adapted from the manga. It gave me all of the feels."

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waterfang shared a tip "I finally got to watch it last night as its finally dubbed on Funimation. I loved every moment of it and it made me cry"

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alessa_tucker shared a tip "I just got done watching this it is so good"

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otto_6772 shared a tip "Best anime 2022?"

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beetleomg shared a tip "Ahhh! So good 😭"

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bob_bob_6897 shared a tip "I loved the show and I can’t wait until the movie"

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anime_simp_752 shared a tip "WE NEED THE MOVIE!!!!!!"

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deaven_schoolcraft shared a tip "Waited so ling for rhe story to continue"

klu shared a tip "R.I.P. Kyojuro Rengoku Ep 21-Movie 1:49:32"

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rachid_tim shared a tip "How am i supose to play de move"

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richilas_ness shared a tip "Where to watch?"

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fifitheflyingbun shared a tip "I cried for an hour after watching it 😭😭"

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kayla_scott_3563 shared a tip "The main character is an interesting protagonist. He’s very humble with his peers and even his enemies."

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grace_truedson shared a tip "Fantastic movie! Recommend for any fan of the show!"

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hawo_ali_8913 shared a tip "It was awesome"

sarah_grenier shared a tip "Not the best movie ever, but pretty good. Rengoku is a king! I recommend if you did watch the series and liked it."

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tyler_a_chara shared a tip "A great movie for any anime fan and especially demon slayer fans. Great music, fights, visuals, and acting. 10/10"

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toga_uravity shared a tip "I RECOMMEND!! You don’t even really need to know anything about Demon Slayer to enjoy this movie!!"

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lauren_elise_4497 shared a tip "I almost cried"

c_s_8883 shared a tip "Good, though slower paced."

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taylor_webb_2461 shared a tip "I loved the movie and laughed and cried several times"

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kimberly_dominguez_3206 shared a tip "It’s really good, you should watch the movie afterwards!"

bianca_buenrostro shared a tip "Anime wise, The Garden of Words"

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tre_graham shared a tip "A freaking amazing but sad at the same time"

grace_holt shared a tip "this made me cry multiple times even after watching it a second time"

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hailie_bonz shared a tip "I love this one so much!! I hope you like it😊"

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katherine_mccray_4831 shared a tip "Really good but also #sad"

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john_moten shared a tip "It was great"

abigail_skowronek_5369 shared a tip "really good! But at the end it was a tiny bit sad"

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cassidy_campion shared a tip "I love it! Saw it in theaters and still rewatched it on crunchyroll"

joel_martin_7528 shared a tip "I like it"

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_skullie_is_gae_ shared a tip "Well, I do suggest that you watch “A Silent Voice”. It’s is available to watch on Netflix"

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