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After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, a single father undergoes an experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is.

MPAA Rating NR

Status Released

Release Date 2020-10-06

Runtime 100 minutes


TMDB 6.5


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "Wow. Great movie. Had me riveted from the very beginning. The way it ends makes me think there may be a part 2."

Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "A mindbending story. #scifi"

Sur Graham's profile image

aaron_7939 shared a tip "Black Mirror vibes #blackmirror"

Brian Addison's profile image

brian_addison shared a tip "Really liked the plot set-up in this one 👍"

Sonia Burton's profile image

sonia_burton shared a tip "A very strange, but intriguing movie with a weird twist"

paul_baker_1755 shared a tip "Slow clap for this one!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾"

Wilma Williams's profile image

wajwilliams shared a tip "I really liked it. I don't generally watch horror movies. This one wasn't scary."

dria (they/them)'s profile image

imagination_v.s_reality shared a tip "I CAN'T STRESS HOW ABSOLUTELY AMAZING THIS MOVIE WAS 😭"

d_805 shared a tip "Added to watchlist"

Tara Woolard's profile image

tara_woolard shared a tip "This was great"

Tevin Scott's profile image

tevin_scott shared a tip "This was a good movie! It kind of reminds me of Swan Song"

Rebecca Bella's profile image

rebecca_bella shared a tip "Well worth a watch!"

Picasso 's profile image

shooomyster shared a tip "Great movie, lots of twists a little confusing at first but a very intriguing movie 10/10"

Leslie Abram 's profile image

leslie_abram shared a tip "This annoyed me. But the story was good.. didn't love the ending."

Dustin Olin's profile image

dustin_olin shared a tip "Good psychological thriller with a cool twist; not much of a horror movie but interesting nonetheless."

Kristine Wheelock's profile image

kristine_wheelock shared a tip "Keeps you on your toes"

DeAndra 's profile image

ladydee shared a tip "Wow! Plot twist for sure!"

Lauri Davis's profile image

lauri_davis shared a tip "Fantastic movie, the plot twist is sooo good!!"

Justin 's profile image

JuiceBokz shared a tip "Was a lot different then what I was expecting. Enjoyed it very much and a great story."

Nina Foxx's profile image

nina_foxx shared a tip "Unexpected twist"

Charlie Gonzalez's profile image

charlie_gonzalez_3123 shared a tip "Not horror, more of a thriller but was very good. Recommend."

Fatkidsluvcake 's profile image

fatkidsluvcake shared a tip "Plot twist"

jaye_green shared a tip "A twisted meaning of a mother's love"

Milla J's profile image

Zfinlay500 shared a tip "This was another great watch that I recommend, it’s a thriller, and the twist at the end is totally unexpected, so good!"

Tania Royster's profile image

tania_royster shared a tip "Amazing gal many twists and turns"

Jennifer Henry's profile image

jennifer_henry_6221 shared a tip "Didn’t like."

kelci_carter_4988 shared a tip "I haven’t seen this one yet! I saved it so I don’t lose it, it looks good!"

Mark Bloomstein's profile image

mark_bloomstein shared a tip "Oooooh, so good. Am I here, am I there? I look around, around, around...."

Tamira P. 's profile image

tamira_powe shared a tip "NOLAN WAS FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE OKAY 😭"

sonya_7198 shared a tip "Black Box is a fresh twist on "Mother knows best". 🖤"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Audrea Pollard's profile image

audrea_pollard shared a tip "I like it i want to see more how do i see more of the movie tell me how please"

stephen williams's profile image

stephen_williams_9710 shared a tip "Just a little different from your average thriller!"

Lauren Donaldson's profile image

lauren_donaldson_9060 shared a tip "A little familiar but worth a watch."

Pete Crosby's profile image

pete_crosby shared a tip "Good little mind bender of a movie. It's been done before but this one still had some of originality"

sariblibli guh's profile image

sariblibli_guh shared a tip "Really great. Super fun. Totally watch it. Felt smart."

Sarah Coulter's profile image

sarah_coulter_9651 shared a tip "This movie was amazingly good!"

john_feit shared a tip "Very good thriller. Excellent acting. You have to suspend disbelief, but overall, I would recommend!"

Nicole Pridgen's profile image

nicole_pridgen shared a tip "Great movie !!!!"

Aj Hillyer's profile image

aj_hillyer shared a tip "@mariah_fairley"

Jlow love's profile image

jlow_love shared a tip "This movie was crazy!!!!?"

Lynne Brit's profile image

lynne_brit shared a tip "Surprising, engaging movie. Keeps you involved wanting more."

cindy_bahena shared a tip "Any scene with Ava, she was my favorite character in the movie"

Jacea Shadle's profile image

jacea_shadle shared a tip "This was an amzing movie with a great plot twist! 10/10 would recommend and watch again."

Carolyn Berns's profile image

carolyn_berns shared a tip "Very interesting storyline and great acting. Interesting and worth the watch."

Alishia Isaac's profile image

alishia_isaac shared a tip "Great twist at the end!"

eugenia_1500 shared a tip "Nedd a mind bender that'll have you guessing til the end? Watch Black Box.#blackhorror #mindbender"

eugenia_1500 shared a tip "*Need"

Crystal Lynn Arteaga's profile image

crystahyl shared a tip "Watched this on a whim, but oh dang was it interesting!!! Refreshing take on a sci-fi thriller!"

Leia Johnson's profile image

leia_johnson shared a tip "Amazing. Keeps you guessing."

Lauren Sheppard's profile image

lauren_sheppard shared a tip "Nice movie. Very unexpected!"

Madison Currie's profile image

madison_currie shared a tip "WOW such an awesome thriller movieee!"

Cherine Amr's profile image

cherine_amr shared a tip "Really interesting movie I like the directing"

Akula lewis's profile image

akula_lewis shared a tip "Real good movie will have you on edge, I loved it"

Ashley White's profile image

ashley_white_986 shared a tip "Mind-bending thriller. Could not guess all the turns even if you tried!"

Lindsay Barker's profile image

lindsay_barker shared a tip "Good movie"

edith valentin's profile image

edith_valentin shared a tip "I liked how mature the little girl was. Really good acting. And without giving spoilers, I liked the ending."

Argya Budihandojo's profile image

argyaparamab shared a tip "unexpected twist"

Sarah Norton's profile image

sarah_norton_5567 shared a tip "Its perfect if you wanna question everything about life. 10/10"

Aneesa Nagji's profile image

aneesa_nagji shared a tip "Amazing movie with a crazy twist! We need a sequel!!!"

John Bryant Phillips's profile image

john_bryant_phillips shared a tip "Yeah, there's a monster. But then, there's another monster! But wait, 'cause then there is THE monster! Great movie."

mrschelc 's profile image

mrschelc shared a tip "Blumhouse is killing it lately! This movie was great."

becca_johnson_5469 shared a tip "it kept me interested the entire time"

Madeline Perett's profile image

madeline_perett shared a tip "Amazing movie! Smart, thrilling, and touching."

Melinda Jimenez's profile image

melinda_jimenez shared a tip "Very interesting movie. Will keep you glued from beginning to end."

Patricia Fain's profile image

patricia_fain shared a tip "Scifi"

leslie_5149 shared a tip "So good, twist and turns you didn’t see coming also reminds me of a black mirror episode."

Shy Antoine's profile image

shy_antoine shared a tip "Was wonderfully done. Right level of suspense and mystery with a smoothly executed twist."

avery_alexander_8033 shared a tip "A mind f^*k 🤯"

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