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Stuck in COVID-19 lockdown, US comedian and musician Bo Burnham attempts to stay sane and happy by writing, shooting and performing a one-man comedy special.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2021-07-22

Runtime 87 minutes


TMDB 8.2


Marcus 's profile image

mco shared a tip "Genius. Bo is hysterical and clearly talented. All I did during the pandemic was watch more television."

Marsh 's profile image

marsh_6055 shared a tip "This comedy special gave me depression. Still very interesting, tho."

Joslyn 's profile image

joslyn shared a tip "Wanted some background noise while doing Saturday cleaning, but this was not the right pick. Way too entertaining! 😅"

Mike Parrone's profile image

dinomike shared a tip "Absolutely hysterical, even for those who are not into musical comedians"

jennifer_8975 shared a tip "I laughed throughout this - fantastic and really clever."

Gay Air Conditioner's profile image

gay_air_conditioner shared a tip "way too relatable, hope Bo is doing better absolutely loved this!"

olivia cain's profile image

garraty_mcvries shared a tip "Innovative."

3D3N 's profile image

3d3n shared a tip ""It'll stop any day now, any day now, any day now.""

TheSoulMonster 's profile image

thesoulmonster shared a tip "I've memorized every song and I'm not ashamed to admit it, or be seen singing it in my car."

Josh Elman's profile image

josh_elman shared a tip "Spectacular take on the last year. With funny / great songs too. And a little bit of madness"

Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "Literally so good! The music is amazing and so real with what’s going on in the world today! #boburnham"

Pete Treperinas's profile image

pete_treperinas shared a tip "The songs will be stuck in your head. It’s funny, sad, manic, and unique"

Brandon Maly's profile image

brandon_maly shared a tip "Nothing has summed up the last year and change more accurately and artistically"

Rami Unofficial's profile image

rami_unofficial shared a tip "JUST WATCH IT"

Tiff 's profile image

tiff_bee shared a tip "Complex, depressing and insightful."

Rachel Gartz's profile image

rachel_gz shared a tip "Genius"

Faith Gerwig's profile image

faith_gerwig shared a tip "My favorite person❤️"

Juliet Morning's profile image

juliet_morning shared a tip "It's alarmingly good."

emily_9184 shared a tip "Made me laugh and cry"

Bubble Tea's profile image

Wo1fLink shared a tip "Loved the whole YouTube style of comedy with the special. Ranging from reaction and gaming setups to jumpcut after jumpcut. 10/10"

ashlyn_may_5111 shared a tip "gimme gimme gimme that sadness"

Bella B.'s profile image

bella_b._6357 shared a tip "Absolute genius. I would give so much to watch this like it was the first time again."

Taylor C.'s profile image

taylor_c._5003 shared a tip "Awesome Musical comedy. Bo is a genius"

Gabbi Stornaielo's profile image

gabbi_stornaielo shared a tip "Equal parts disturbing and hilarious, definitely watch with at least one other person"

emily_cockerham shared a tip "Amazing!!! Loved every second, Bo Burnham is truly talented."

lemon<3 's profile image

lemonbee shared a tip "The music is amazing and Bo is like one of my favorite artists so 10/10"

Josh Golsan's profile image

josh_golsan shared a tip "An absolutely genius examination of COVID-era life from one of the most gifted creatives working today."

Grace Metri's profile image

grace_metri shared a tip "Amazing"

Woman Fulfilled's profile image

woman_fulfilled shared a tip "Finally someone nailed it!"

Nate K's profile image

nate.kapono shared a tip "Bo is a generational talent. Hope he is doing well 🙏🏽"

mina p's profile image

mina_p shared a tip "Loved it. Best special Bo has ever done. Throughly worth the watch!"

Elysya Scerbo's profile image

elysya_scerbo shared a tip "A very smart, dark, musical comedy special. A time capsule of someone's mental health during 2020 isolation."

Dana Nguyen's profile image

dana_nguyen_2918 shared a tip "Genius. Didn’t know it was going to be basically an entire music album of clever songs but it was both raw and relatable."

Diana Silver's profile image

d_silver shared a tip "one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a long time."

Arys Scott's profile image

arys_scott shared a tip "YEAH"

Blockyheadman 's profile image

blockyheadman shared a tip "Music good"

slugboat shared a tip "Honestly... hilarious."

Jessica Cuvelier's profile image

jessica_cuvelier shared a tip "heartbreakingly hilarious"

Space Birdie 's profile image

space_birdie shared a tip "Just made me break down in my car. 10/10 would watch again!"

Katherine Mick's profile image

katherine_mick shared a tip "Heard this was great!"

Sienna Alpert's profile image

siennatehe shared a tip "it's a masterpiece"

ellen_morrow shared a tip "A very different ride through lockdown"

Calum 's profile image

calumkeys shared a tip "It's simply brilliant :)"

Claire Fish's profile image

claire_fish shared a tip "I have literally watched this like 12 times within the past week"

Alex Wood's profile image

alex_wood_3104 shared a tip "If you like Bo Burnham's other stuff, you'll definitely enjoy this!"

Santana Lopez's profile image

santana_lopez_9874 shared a tip "deserves all the hype its getting tbh"

Sienna Arias's profile image

sienna_arias shared a tip "Hi! I want to watch this with my younger daughter and I wanted to know if it is appropriate for a younger viewer? :)"

GoldenScream 7's profile image

goldenscream_7 shared a tip "Great 5 year follow up"

Pranav Ajay Warrier's profile image

pranav_ajay_warrier shared a tip "Intense, thoughtful movie that will make you laugh, cry, and have an existential crisis."

Amber Wootan's profile image

amber_wootan shared a tip "It was dark but well made and thought provoking"

Courtenay Watson's profile image

courtenay_watson shared a tip "Entertaining and honest"

ria 's profile image

cherimoied shared a tip "It's Bo Burnham, always love his stuff"

Kristina Modica's profile image

kristina_modica shared a tip "Captured what my mental health has been like the past year"

Grace M's profile image

grace_m_9031 shared a tip "This is how I will look back on lockdown."

Robert Mitchell's profile image

robert_mitchell_7289 shared a tip "Amazing. You need to watch it."

Julio Singson's profile image

julio_singson shared a tip "An amazing introspective view on what fame/having an audience and lockdown does to a person."

Mykie Marlowe's profile image

mykie_marlowe shared a tip "I love this special more than I love most things #boburnham #inside"

Julia Lange's profile image

julia_lange_5121 shared a tip "So relatable and timely. Never really got into Bo Burnham’s comedy before but now I will."

jennifer_cotton_8371 shared a tip "Is there a way to recommend this for the very best of the very best."

Jehna Rushton's profile image

jehna_rushton shared a tip "meh"

allison_mattern shared a tip "So smart. Watched it multiple times."

vil 's profile image

vvi59a shared a tip "YES BO YES"

Patricia Sculthorpe's profile image

patricia_sculthorpe_9689 shared a tip "He’s brilliant, funny, musically perfect and deeply thoughtful. Best thing I’ve watched all year."

rob_wilson_6789 shared a tip "amazing look into a creative mind struggling inside one room"

Baron Lam's profile image

baron_lam shared a tip "Very original and relevant. Immensely entertaining."

ace ♡'s profile image

ace__3591 shared a tip "samee ♡"

Ashley Barringer's profile image

ashley_barringer shared a tip "Captured millenial isolation/depression and our signature sense of black comedy perfectly"

Whimsy 's profile image

WhimsyLee shared a tip "It’s an existential crisis in comedy form"

Sammi Rowell's profile image

sammi_rowell shared a tip "Heartbreak emoji followed by a bunch of teenagers dancing"

Stephen Kochis's profile image

stephen_kochis shared a tip "Masterpiece"

Ashley Lavandula Felice's profile image

ashley_lavandula_fe shared a tip "hilarious, thoughtful, & sadly very relatable"

ARSEN !!'s profile image

kaworu_enjoyer shared a tip "Great but sometimes it just makes me wanna run into the woods and rot. In a good way tho"

sarah_s_3640 shared a tip "it's a freakin masterpiece"

Jessica Walker's profile image

jessica_walker_5359 shared a tip "Had never seen anything of Bo's before and this was such a great show. Made me think alot."

jessica_altman shared a tip "an incredible work of art that I can’t stop listening and relating to"

Zoë Welch's profile image

zo_welch shared a tip "This special speaks volumes. Incredible for a one man show. Gaffing on this was magical."

kimmyfae shared a tip "He never gets old"

Alex K's profile image

simplefrog shared a tip "it’s a vibe"

Sarah Hart's profile image

sarah_hart_4999 shared a tip "Hilarious"

letsya shared a tip "The music in this is extremely catchy and I've got a number of them on my main Spotify playlist!"

julia_nielsen shared a tip "i love bo burnham so ******* much"

Abby Kearley's profile image

abby_kearley shared a tip "Absolutely halerius"

nina_strelov shared a tip "A stunning masterpiece. Call to action."

Alexandra Parsons's profile image

lexxep shared a tip "Fun and depressing at the same time, trigger warning suicidal jokes though, has kind of become my depression watch."

jason_mercer_2833 shared a tip "First piece of Covid art"

jordan_barnes_725 shared a tip "Satire put to music. Two of my favorite things. I wonder where this has been all my life."

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