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Centered on the wealthy, seemingly perfect Sinclair family, who spend every summer gathered on their private island. However, not every summer is the same—when something happens to Cadence during the summer of her fifteenth year, the four “Liars” (Cadence, Johnny, Gat and Mirren) re-emerge two years

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Definitely a fun novel to read, especially if you love a good plot twist!"

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nightmare_poet shared a tip "Amazing book. I absolutely loved it even though it had me crying."

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sasha_nehoda shared a tip "Touching and awakening. Completely unexpected ending."

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avs_641 shared a tip "Y’all this book broke me, made me actually cry. Once you get through the beginning everything is worth it"

snail_party shared a tip "It was beautifully written and really hooked me and I read it in 3 days"

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georgia_poindexter shared a tip "I thought it was too predictable"

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eurielle_agba shared a tip "The ending is more than surprising"

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jj_here shared a tip "@amberlynn_martin Bro read the book 😭"

samantha_saldana shared a tip "so bad"

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sarah_laundy_6895 shared a tip "Sooo many plot holes."

sara_word shared a tip "Amazing book,but cried my eyes out at the end."

cydney_marie_judd shared a tip "Loved it couldnt out it down and finished in a day wonderful can wait to read the prequel"

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vanessa_manfrini shared a tip "Amazing book the whole thing ugh I just loved it"

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cassi_fairhurst shared a tip "I finished it last night and I seriously cannot stop thinking about this book! I did not see the ending coming at all."

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microrekt shared a tip "One of the first books that me tear up. 10/10"

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lillian_johnson_6815 shared a tip "After I read I was actively sobbing non stop at 1am. I loved the twist ending."

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heidi_fleming shared a tip "Loved this book!"

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vronique_paill_5942 shared a tip "I absolutely adore that book ! So well written."

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madelyn_delawrence shared a tip "The way I could read a page and not stop myself from reading more! such an amazing master piece!! 4.4/5"

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olivia_morrison_444 shared a tip "i loved the whole mystery about what happened to her and the other kids. i loved the buildup and the reveal"

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santi_garcia_5914 shared a tip "It was a great twist. Beautifully pieced together."

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niko_knots shared a tip "Idk just loved it"

carrionna_companion shared a tip "it was a great book. so many turning points."

darlene_iker shared a tip "Good story, just didn't like the way it ended, I really wanted a different ending to the story."

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kylie_schmiesing_2088 shared a tip "it was so good!! i liked the characters! but it got sad at part 5"

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tahirah_curry shared a tip "Such a beautifully written book. ❤"

𝚕𝚊𝚞𝚛𝚎𝚗 's profile image

lauren_1648 shared a tip "It was a bit confusing at the beginning, but the end was complete shock. I cried for 3 days after reading it!!"

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viviana_reyes_1277 shared a tip "loved the book, hated the ending."

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robert_huber shared a tip "Suspenseful and twist at the end@Likewise @"

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anna_fetterolf shared a tip "This book had me in tears! It honestly displays that everyone has issues in life but also the ending was spectacular."

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natmichele shared a tip "perfect plot twist that i did not see coming !!! finished it in one night."

kaia_correll shared a tip "loved the ending"

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brennen_hartman shared a tip "I LOVED IT.DEFINITELY A MUST READ"

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addi_gorski shared a tip "I loved this boook!"

london_jaymes shared a tip "The ending was so uneven"

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eva_dickey shared a tip "The first 3/4 of the book I wasn’t so sure but that ending made the book."

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sharity_medrano shared a tip "Quick weekend read and ended with a twist!"

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jaimie_mistretta shared a tip "Heartbreakingly beautiful with twists that will leave you reeling"

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emily_edington_6118 shared a tip "it had me in tears at the end! such a well written book :)"

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elissya_laze shared a tip "I didn't see that shet coming"

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stephanie_calzada shared a tip "Good book.. does get boring after while but push through and it gets better the ending was unexpected 🤯"

jordan_6709 shared a tip "The plot twists were amazing and I didn’t think that was what was gonna happen! I cried so hard"

rachael_patterson shared a tip "Insane plot twist. Kept me very engaged!"

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natalie_claflin shared a tip "The plot twist at the end is what I loved most about the book. It was something I truly did not expect."

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agathe_pompon shared a tip "I thought the plot twist was very expected from the first couple of chapters but it’s a good story regardless!"

jennife shared a tip "Book had me in tears!"

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sydney_nichols_2319 shared a tip "slow start but crazy plot twist that made up for it at the end"

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emily_vanatsky shared a tip "Sobbed the last 40 pages. Quick read but really easy to get into. Makes you feel like you’re 15 again."

frida_misko shared a tip "It’s was brutally beautiful"

ava_courtney_4203 shared a tip "It crushes your soul, I highly recommend this book!!"

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cat_butler shared a tip "The ending was not at all what I was expecting! Such a good book!"

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ensleyy shared a tip "this became my favorite book. at firsts thought it was boring, but then the plot twisted. i love it."

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casidy_estabrook shared a tip "I LOVED THIS BOOK! It starts off slow but the ending pulls it all together! I cried so hard! It’s in my top 3 favorite books!"

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daphine_rose shared a tip "Everything!"

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madison_sommerlad shared a tip "Did NOT EXPECT the ending AT ALL 4/10"

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aaliyah_doscher shared a tip "i liked the way that it was written. it was both poetic and literal and truly beautiful."

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anjali_v shared a tip "Omg this book made me cry at the last few pages"

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raimam16 shared a tip "not many people like this book but i enjoyed it personally. if you like plot twists i think this is a great book :)"

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valerieraee shared a tip "It was a meh ngl"

monica_stevens_6142 shared a tip "Fun book, amazing ending!"

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katherine_8027 shared a tip "It’s kinda hard to get through this book. I put it down for a week but the ending is a major twist !"

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itzashlyn shared a tip "slow."

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ria_brianne shared a tip "Through me for a loop. I really did sob on the way home from Washington DC. My mom was very concerned. 10/10 would recommend"

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kailey_powell_8753 shared a tip "This book really kept me guessing. Shocking twist ending that I DID NOT see coming!"

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