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Imagine if your Dad wrote a dirty book. Most people would try to ignore it and pretend it had never happened - but not Jamie Morton. Instead, he's decided to read it to the world in this award-winning comedy podcast. With the help of his friends, James Cooper and Alice Levine, Jamie will be reading

Artist My Dad Wrote A Porno

Track Count 168


Price $

Release Date 11/28/22

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


Katie Tuohy's profile image

katie_tuohy shared a tip "The absolute best comedy podcast"

anna_lansky shared a tip "I've only listened to Season 1, but I had to pull the car over several times because I was laughing so hard."

Phyllis Munroe's profile image

phyllis_munroe shared a tip "We gotta check this out. It sounds hilarious!!"

Nathalie Girard's profile image

nathalie_girard shared a tip "Really funny. It's the kind of comments I'd have with my friends.."

misty_kramer shared a tip "Honestly the very first episode as that hooked me fast!"

Saleh Alhasan's profile image

abo_slo7 shared a tip "@robinjohnson301 you'll have a blast! It's beyond ridiculous, and the co-hosts are amazing. Enjoy!"

Joelle Fronzaglio's profile image

joelle_fronzaglio shared a tip "MY coworker recommended this. AwkwarD. But hilarious."

Lindsay Nava's profile image

lindsay_nava shared a tip "It’s absolutely hilarious. Definitely raunchy at times, but so dang funny"

Shana Cubbage Roggeveen's profile image

shana_cubbage_roggeveen shared a tip "I haven't listened yet. Was it good?"

molly_6160 shared a tip "I love a podcast called Sexy Unique Podcast. If you like Bravo shows, it is hilarious!!"

jenna_hulst shared a tip "YES! I’ve almost crashed my car because I was laughing so hard, so proceeded with caution hah"

Simone Cox's profile image

simone_cox shared a tip "Funniest thing I've ever listened to!"

Cara Peckens's profile image

cara_peckens shared a tip "Most definitely. It's laugh out loud good"

joseph_cho shared a tip "Do it! It’s hella funny!"

Miranda Groft's profile image

miranda_groft shared a tip "If you like dry, raunchy humor then yes! This so easy to listen to and I find it really funny."

All Things Creepy Pod's profile image

all_things_creepy_p shared a tip "@chelseawrightreads not necessarily completely related but somehow, this pod led me to Hello From the Magic Tavern"

Johnathan Avonta's profile image

johnathan_avonta shared a tip "Yes! Obviously NSFW"

Kim Eddy Dawe's profile image

kim_eddy_dawe shared a tip "Funniest podcast ever! Laugh the whole time!"

Alyssa Moriarty's profile image

alyssa_moriarty shared a tip "There are so many good episodes! The footnotes are really good as well and worth listening to for sure!"

Kinleigh Stevenson's profile image

kinleigh_stevenson shared a tip "Yes, i 100% recomend, but it is asli my opinion so there is a chance that u might not Like it"

Kinleigh Stevenson's profile image

kinleigh_stevenson shared a tip "Also*"

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