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Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is a podcast drama with a modern twist on old time radio that delves into the mystery of true cold cases and unsolved murders. With the help of an ensemble cast, follow our hosts as they take you on an entertaining journey through the crime scene, the investigati

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Release Date 4/27/21

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Country USA


Gena Beliveau's profile image

gena_beliveau shared a tip "Changed it up and listening to Timesuck"

Ava Carroll's profile image

ava_carroll shared a tip "No I'm sorry! I haven't been listening to many podcasts lately but when I do, I'll definitely suggest!!"

Dawn Currie's profile image

dawn_currie shared a tip "Have you Heard of, My Favorite Murder?"

Crystal K's profile image

Crystalsblackmagc shared a tip "This one is a pretty good one. Forensic Files has one too!"

Heather Patton Kelly's profile image

heather_patton_kelly shared a tip "No I don't have a favorite podcast."

amanda_fountaine shared a tip "Its a little bit cheesy but I like the stories they cover."

Stacy Riddlebarger's profile image

stacy_riddlebarger shared a tip "I love Crime Junkies!"

Judah Legge's profile image

judah_legge shared a tip "It really is!"

Abbe Uken's profile image

abbe_uken shared a tip "Theres "Secret true crime" "No harm done" and "True crime bull****"

Abbe Uken's profile image

abbe_uken shared a tip "Oh yes and true crime junkie"

Goldy 's profile image

golden_lightningz shared a tip "honestly, probably the Eliza Grimwood case episode 194 would be my favorite. it really captivated my curiosity"

Minder The Fox's profile image

minder_the_fox shared a tip "How do I listen to podcasts?"

Kailah Burton's profile image

kailah_burton shared a tip "Same! I am hung up on Killer Queens right now haha they are like all things murder and 90’s nostalgia 😍"

Jennifer 's profile image

jennofthewired shared a tip "It's been a while since I've listened, but from what I remember it was interesting."

Caitlyn Wilson's profile image

caitlyn_wilson_1585 shared a tip "I can't pick one, they are all so gripping🤭"

Vanessa Bennington's profile image

vanessa_bennington shared a tip "I like crime books so yes"

regina_ressler shared a tip "I always enjoyed Small Town Murder... hope you enjoy.."

Lovethespam Spam's profile image

lovethespam_spam shared a tip "I like it a lot :) probably my favorite"

Ana Trejo's profile image

ana_trejo_103 shared a tip "Try crime junkies first"

Val Tinsman's profile image

val_tinsman shared a tip "I’m looking for something new to be honest! I’m back on Serial Killers- Par-cast."

Natalie Baker's profile image

natalie_baker_1771 shared a tip "BBC world service The Lazarus Heist."

markelle_hermann shared a tip "I honestly love them all I've listened to so far. Do you have a favorite?"

lillian_hart shared a tip "Will check this out."

Sofia Cuevas's profile image

sofia_cuevas shared a tip "Yess definitely if your into true crime! It’s easy to keep up with and bit boring like some other podcasts"

alaina_baro shared a tip "Absolutely. Not a fan of the dramatic sound effects, but you get used to it. Definitely a lot of interesting information there."

junior alladyce's profile image

junior_alladyce shared a tip "𝙔𝙚𝙨!! 𝙚𝙭𝙘𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙥𝙤𝙙𝙘𝙖𝙨𝙩"

Cassidy St. George's profile image

cassidy_st._george shared a tip "My Favorite Murder is really good"

Davian Davis's profile image

davian_davis shared a tip "I actually like a Stranger Things podcast called "Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins""

Maddy DZ's profile image

maddy_dz shared a tip "Ya! I also really like "serial killers" "female criminals" and "the minds of madness""

kayla_cox_2344 shared a tip "Yeah! One of the ones in my rotation to listen to while I work. It’s a bit more on the theatrical side of story telling though!"

Alese Bodiford's profile image

alese_bodiford shared a tip "Bailey Sarian (I can't remember the name of her podcast)urban legends podcast with loey lane, Dr death and so many more"

Krystal Marie's profile image

krystal_marie_6548 shared a tip "Solved murders is on Spotify similarstyle to the unsolved."

Odd1 Gaming's profile image

odd1_gaming shared a tip "I love it! They don’t go over the top with the gore and graphic details"

Riah 's profile image

Riahs shared a tip "So far, it's Lore...if u haven't heard of it check it out!"

Riah 's profile image

Riahs shared a tip "Also watch Kendall Rae on YouTube, she covers true crime"

Coco Melon's profile image

coco_melon shared a tip "@fr._nathaniel_kidd"

Eskenden 's profile image

eskenden shared a tip "Just how life can be really unpredictable"

Pat Ruddy's profile image

pat_ruddy shared a tip "They're all good!"

Christina Piper's profile image

christina_piper shared a tip "I don’t watch or listen to podcasts I had to pick this"

Katie Smither's profile image

katie_smither shared a tip "I like reading about them its interesting. And I like trying to figure out whats happened and who did it"

david_elijah shared a tip "Very Interesting Movies"

Katie Zaborski's profile image

katie_zaborski shared a tip "One of my top 3!"

Natasha todoroki's profile image

natasha_todoroki shared a tip "Because the unsolved murders are interesting"

Ashley Burns's profile image

ashley_burns_8106 shared a tip "I like the crimanally mental podcast"

Nay Nay Killua's profile image

nay_nay_killua shared a tip "Yes! It's so interesting!"

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