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The true crime / comedy podcast YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE. We recap your favorite true crime documentaries with humor, sass, and heart. FROM VULTURE: "It’s not wrong to laugh when you’re listening to a true-crime podcast. Or at least I hope it isn’t, because if almost crashing my car while listening to

Artist Obsessed Network

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Release Date 11/25/21

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Country USA


S. Bell's profile image

S.Bellsnickel shared a tip "They are some fools! They sounds exactly like me and my best friend when we discuss movies."

Josi Macchetta's profile image

josi_loehr shared a tip "The only podcast I’ll re-listen to episodes of!! The first episode I listened to was “Evil Genius” and I was HOOKED!"

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xrynnx shared a tip "Love Patrick!"

samantha_gilbert_2496 shared a tip "Hosts are hilarious! Great topics, too!"

monica_hutchens shared a tip "Crime Junkie"

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parker_frye shared a tip "Gillian and Patrick have amazing chemistry"

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kalena_rogers shared a tip "Subscribe to the Patreon! 1,000% worth it."

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abigail_elizabeth_2339 shared a tip "I’ve been listening to Let’s Go To Court - another great comedy true crime podcast"

miriah shared a tip "currently crime junkie is my favorite!"

jenn_pauwels shared a tip "I really like dateline, wife of crime and morbid:)"

holly_baker_3254 shared a tip "Truly funny. A more light hearted look at true crime."

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coco_melon shared a tip "#true_crime"

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daniele_hinton shared a tip "This podcast is funny and amazing. Totally binge worthy"

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missy_narrance shared a tip "A comedy true crime podcast that has been accused of plagiarizing both stories and their name."

barb_158 shared a tip "The hosts are hysterical & left me laughing while listening alone on drives! They put a bit of comedy on some pretty bad cases."

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kit_bookworm shared a tip "Absolutely love Patrick and Gillian! I listen to TCO while I'm reading. The little theme they do at the beginning is so cool!!"

Zoe Bettendorf's profile image

zoe_bettendorf shared a tip "So funny you guys. It seems weird at first but you start to love it. Such sweet people."

bella_shelton shared a tip "My favorite true crime/comedy podcast definitely recommend🥰🥰🥰"

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ryan_oliveira shared a tip "Funny, smart and perfect!"

anny loves cats's profile image

anny_loves_cats shared a tip "My favorite podcast!"

lia_summers shared a tip "Can’t say enough about how good this podcast is. I CRAVE it. Absolutely hilarious."

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maggie_hayton shared a tip "To be honest I haven't listened yet. At the moment I am listening to My Favorite Murder."

Brittani Tafoya's profile image

brittani_tafoya shared a tip "I love this podcast! They are hilarious and have such a great dynamic."

samantha_roberts_7993 shared a tip "All time favorite and a MUST listen."

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