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In this intensely divided moment, one of the few things everyone still seems to agree on is Dolly Parton—but why? That simple question leads to a deeply personal, historical, and musical rethinking of one of America’s great icons. Join us for a 9-episode journey into the Dollyverse. Hosted by Jad Ab

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Release Date 7/6/21

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Kenton 's profile image

kentongewecke shared a tip "Great listen. Even if you don't like country music. Amazing story telling and a surprising look at the world."

Shea Connor's profile image

shea_connor shared a tip "Fun new look"

Anne Marie Barrios's profile image

anne_marie_barrios shared a tip "I honestly didn’t think I would like this, but it’s sweet and charming and I highly recommend it."

Diarmuid Mac Cormack's profile image

diarmuid_mac_cormack shared a tip "Well produced. An interesting look into Dolly's world."

Buff Larkin's profile image

buff_larkin shared a tip "If you like Dolly, this is a fantastic podcast. Because who DOESN'T like Dolly?? Lol!"

Kyle Sfhandyman's profile image

kyle_sfhandyman shared a tip "Cocaine and Rhinestones is fantastic. It is about the history of country music."

jmfoster shared a tip "Let's be honest, anything having to do with Dolly is gold."

Hales 's profile image

hnlozano shared a tip "This podcast is perfect. Dolly is wrapped up perfectly within these eps."

Loriane Leduc's profile image

lorye shared a tip "So good! Fun and interesting. Really great work with the sounds to create an ambiance."

elizabeth_clark_895 shared a tip "Everyone should listen to this"

emily_bamlett shared a tip "I did not pay much attention to Dolly prior to listening and yet I was hanging on every word and story."

isabel_7509 shared a tip "Watch this!"

kristen_sweeney_2705 shared a tip "4.5/5. Finished at beginning of year. From radiolab."

kristen_sweeney_2705 shared a tip "Podcast #1"

Stacie Jacques's profile image

stacie_jacques_8222 shared a tip "If you’re at all interested in Dolly, give this a listen!!"

Kristen Friesen's profile image

kristen_friesen_3418 shared a tip "Honestly, I have only just started it but I really like the presentation and topics covered"

Lisa Jewell's profile image

lisa_jewell_1426 shared a tip "Thanks! This one was recommended to me and I’m looking forward to listening after work today"

rachel_5072 shared a tip "Mob Queens is a similar investigative style with live interviews but still very centered around culture"

Gina Darty's profile image

gina_darty shared a tip "yes! a lovely deep-dive into why she is America's sweetheart."

Katy Fahimi's profile image

katy_fahimi shared a tip "Yes definitely! The interviews with Dolly are fascinating. Really well done."

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