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Chuckle Sandwich is a comedy podcast hosted by Ted Nivison & Schlatt. New episodes every Monday!

Artist Chuckle Sandwich

Track Count 66


Price $

Release Date 10/31/22

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


KOROEGG 's profile image

koroegf shared a tip "Perfect podcast to eat a bowl of soup to"

Owarumoth 's profile image

owarumoth shared a tip "Hasn’t been as good since charlie/slime left, but not unlistenable by any means. Pretty funny but prefer the older eps"

Tjjj_wastaken 's profile image

honestly_tj shared a tip "This podcast means everything to me"

Benjamin LiCalzi's profile image

benjamin_licalzi shared a tip "Incredible and just so funny"

Benjamin LiCalzi's profile image

benjamin_licalzi shared a tip "Quiet mia"

Roxy McKay's profile image

roxy_mckay shared a tip "Everything"

Penelope Lola's profile image

loopster shared a tip "it’s favorite puppy"

eliasyoung 's profile image

eliasyoung shared a tip "very funny, feels like talking to close friends."

g 👍's profile image

gracer_34 shared a tip "yes!! so sad charlie is leaving though :("

Camila Flores's profile image

LavenderCrown shared a tip "A podcast made by idiots for idiots, absolutely love it!"

Kamryn L's profile image

kam32 shared a tip "I- no words. I can listen to these idiots talk for hours. I love them.."

Deth 's profile image

deth shared a tip "Yes 100%. They are always very entertaining and never fail to make me laugh"

kaitlyn forrest's profile image

kaitlyn_forrest_9110 shared a tip "definitely 10/10 would recommend"

Sam 's profile image

sam_31906 shared a tip "Likewise reviewers, love ya to death, this podcast is favorite puppy"

Maye _here's profile image

maye__here shared a tip "Chuckle sandwich podcast, my beloved."

Galixy Fox's profile image

crowe_fox shared a tip "Humor."

Li'l Johnny's profile image

lil_johnny shared a tip "Absolutely. It doesn't ever get dull, and it's a rare gem among the funny podcasts."

Jennifer Navarro's profile image

jennifer_navarro_6936 shared a tip "It is a hilarious podcast with very interesting guests and topics each episode that keep me hooked!!!"

Loana Potsi's profile image

loana_potsi shared a tip "love ted, charlie, and schlatt i never get bored listening to this podcast!"

allie_247 shared a tip "This podcast is just 🤌"

thebreadcatcher 's profile image

thebreadcatcher shared a tip "actually really funny if you have the same humor as the hosts, good guests and keeps your attention"

TheDippingSauce 's profile image

thedippingsauce shared a tip "Yes"

Ollie A's profile image

coronerkid shared a tip "I love them all"

Madison Crawford's profile image

madison_crawford_6007 shared a tip "FAVORITE PUPPY!"

Insolent Lagamorph's profile image

insolent_lagamorph shared a tip "Top 3 favorite podcasts of 2021"

Quartz (he/him)'s profile image

_fallingquartz shared a tip "favorite puppy"

vinni_f shared a tip "Big fan of the creators of the podcast, together they're super fun."

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