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Bailey Sarian, a professional makeup artist and true crime aficionado, is now bringing episodes of her YouTube series “Murder, Mystery & Makeup” to podcast! Covering anything from cannibals to cover-ups. Join us on this journey. It’ll be fun, we promise. Idk. lol.

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Release Date 8/2/22

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


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Yolken shared a tip "Bailey is bae."

marlena_a._esquivel shared a tip "Absolutely Love Bailey. I will watch or listen to anything she does!"

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TireGoblin shared a tip "Audio version of her YouTube videos. Dope af"

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emma_hickman shared a tip "In my opinion her podcasts are pretty good so i think u would like them."

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mreadss shared a tip "bailey sarian is a GODDESS, so amazing at makeup and explains true crime and murder stories so cool that makes you so invested…"

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TrinaArlene shared a tip "So fun... if you don't yet watch her on youtube get on it!"

whitney_r shared a tip "Have you listened to morbid podcast? They even do a collab epidsode with her"

jamie_arrington shared a tip "she has a youtube as well!!!! i love her"

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lisa_pearcy shared a tip "I really like this"

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missy_thornton shared a tip "I actually found it on Facebook."

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Safi_James shared a tip "My favorite one is not on the podcast. It's Giulia Tofana."

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andrea_flores_4598 shared a tip "Definitely the cannibal caffe! #true_crime"

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alex_nav shared a tip "Love it keeps me entertained while cleaning my room etc.. strongly suggest to watch it if ur into crime"

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agentq5ft2 shared a tip "I love anything by this queen. The soothing voice and the choice of content are sublime. She tells it really well."

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destiny_dominguez_4938 shared a tip "I just love Bailey Sarian overall"

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monique_salas_4595 shared a tip "I love Bailey’s personality and the way she tells the stories."

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monica_amaral_7884 shared a tip "Great stories!"

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sarah_scarbrough_2406 shared a tip "I love Bailey Sarian and her voice. She tells very detailed stories but does a great job at being some comic relief."

sarah_nicholson_6741 shared a tip "Me too!!! And I like to watch the YouTube videos also!!!"

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aubrey_estes-martin shared a tip "I like her"

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