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The NoSleep Podcast is a multi-award winning anthology series of original horror stories, with rich atmospheric music to enhance the frightening tales.

Artist David Cummings

Track Count 475


Price $0

Release Date 1/9/22

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


ginger_rush shared a tip "Stories from r/nosleep."

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kristin_mahoney shared a tip "It has several voice actors that bring the stories to life!"

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macapan shared a tip "I love them so much"

sebastian_helton shared a tip "I enjoy the production, nice voice acting and music that fits each moment perfectly to enhance the atmosphere."

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lisa_stratton shared a tip "My all time fav podcast. Whether I’m doing in town driving or hitting the highways for a road trip, it’s my go to."

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natsumenokage shared a tip "I injoy it. If you injoy horror stories its pretty good. The stories come from r/nosleep."

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longuinhos shared a tip "Anything with Peter Lewis and or Jessica McEvoy in it is almost guaranteed to be gold"

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michael_quilliam shared a tip "The black tapes is another good one if you get through all of NoSleep!"

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samson_yaskovich shared a tip "From Reddit to podcast! With their seasons well into the double digits, No Sleep lives up to their namesake."

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ms._p_7013 shared a tip "The absolute best horror podcast out!!!! Spectacular acting!"

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lisa_marie_4544 shared a tip "I've subscribed since first season. It's awesome storytelling. Bite size horror fiction."

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samuel_wang shared a tip "I like Season 7 Episode 25. It's pretty much a horror film in an audio format. It is super good and the progression is great."

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VaniaVenom shared a tip "Start Anywhere :)"

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bradie_canadian shared a tip "Some stories during the show are odd and some make me look over my shoulder"

camryn.jones shared a tip "Hay what is your name"

camryn.jones shared a tip "Hey"

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heather_g_68 shared a tip "It's amazing"

nick_librett shared a tip "Amazing stories"

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