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Sword and Scale is an internet radio show and website covering the dark underworld of crime and the criminal justice system’s response to it. The first episode launched January 1st, 2014 and feature stories of murder, abduction, rape, and even more bizarre forms of crime. It’s the purest form

Artist Incongruity

Track Count 290


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Release Date 2/12/23


Country USA


Jade Lilly's profile image

jade_lilly_4771 shared a tip "Hands down, one of my favorite podcasts!"

JoAnna Luna's profile image

joanna_luna_5093 shared a tip "Been binging this since suggested! Thanks!"

Alysse Hvizdak's profile image

alysse_hvizdak shared a tip "Gotta love this podcast it gives so much information on about cases that I’d never heard before"

josh_duplichan_ shared a tip "Best true crime podcast ever."

Jennifer Wilson's profile image

jennifer_wilson shared a tip "Creepy AF"

Rye Winecoff's profile image

thisgaybookworm shared a tip "THIS IS MY FAVORITE PODCAST"

Jac mS's profile image

jac_ms shared a tip "Love him or hate him Mike Boudet's Sword and Scale is by far one of the best crime podcasts out there."

Shannon Story's profile image

shannon_story shared a tip "Great podcast"

Danielle Rangel's profile image

danielle_rae shared a tip "It's true crime I like listening to all if them. I do have a hard time listening to anything that involves kids. 😞"

Val Menard's profile image

val_menard shared a tip "They have their own app where you can access all the episodes and more! 🖤"

rebecca davis's profile image

rebecca_davis_5850 shared a tip "I haven't heard all of them, and the host has some controversies, but I do like it."

Jennifer Allwein's profile image

jennifer_allwein shared a tip "My new favorite true crime! I am hooked!"

felicia_ross shared a tip "I Am More than Meets the Eye"

J Arlene's profile image

j_arlene shared a tip "Chilling, disturbing and keeps you on the edge of your seat!"

Natasha 's profile image

nut_asha shared a tip "Can't find another true crime podcast I like as much as this... even if Mike is a douchebag."

Bailey Forrest's profile image

bailey_forrest shared a tip "For sure!"

bianca84 shared a tip "It's really good! Episode 106 is a good one!"

Chy-Anne Bull's profile image

chy-anne_bull shared a tip "He uses so much detail and his voice is super soothing for a crime podcast."

bill hanlon's profile image

bill_hanlon shared a tip "Thank god Boudet is back on!"

Angela Lang's profile image

angela_lang shared a tip "Intriguing podcast..."

Emma McElheny's profile image

emma_mcelheny shared a tip "Episode 91- Kingston Fraiser. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite, but it’s the one that has had the most impact."

tamela_minor shared a tip "I’m listening now! It’s a good one! 😳"

India Duvall's profile image

india_duvall shared a tip "This was my first true crime binge podcast"

Liz Gerger's profile image

liz_gerger shared a tip "This is the Chipotle of true crime podcasts -- not super sophisticated, but contents are undeniably fresh"

eileen_vrieze shared a tip "Morbid, minds of madness"

Brittany Davis's profile image

brittany_davis_9999 shared a tip "Yes! Great pacing, voice, and real life insanity!"

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dlynn1114 shared a tip "Thanks! This and My Favorite Murder are definitely my two favorites."

val_7073 shared a tip "Morbid Podcast - I think is way better than Sword and Scale :)"

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