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Jason Weiser tells stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules are stories you think you know, but with surprising origins. Others are stories you might not have heard, but really should. All the

Artist Jason Weiser, Carissa Weiser

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Release Date 11/17/21

Explicitness Clean

Country USA


Michelle Crihfield's profile image

michelle_crihfield shared a tip "I like that the host tells you a full story, rather than just give a history lecture. It sticks with you more that way"

Leia Olson's profile image

leia_olson shared a tip "Mythology retold in modern language. The host is hysterical and his comedic timing is spot on."

Isabella Danforth's profile image

isabella_danforth shared a tip "If you like storytelling or audiobooks this will be right up your alley #literature #history"

Meg 's profile image

meghan_oconnor_567 shared a tip "An informative, yet playful, look at myths and lore from around the globe."

Alanna Horowitz's profile image

alanna_horowitz shared a tip "Great stories with hilarious commentaries"

Marina Fam's profile image

marina_fam shared a tip "I haven’t listened to anything in a while! You?"

Mikey Brown's profile image

mikey_brown shared a tip "Not a huge fan of this guy's timbre and pacing, but the storytelling is great and the content is stellar."

Oblivious Fantasy633's profile image

oblivious_fantasy633 shared a tip "Because I love mythology, and I love legends. Great story telling"

Morgan Rosas's profile image

morgan_rosas shared a tip "It’s funny and interesting!"

Kristine Elizabeth's profile image

kristine_elizabeth shared a tip "It’s hard for me to stay focused on a podcast, honestly. This one is pretty good!"

Violet Smokes's profile image

violet_smokes shared a tip "They ad hilarious commentary and senses to what would be boring ancient stories."

Mariah Thomas's profile image

I_am_aiah shared a tip "It's so good! I love his voice. Hmmmm one of my all time favorites is Tales and a new favorite is The Exploress"

Carson Thompson's profile image

carson_thompson shared a tip "*Aaron Mahnke's"

zeynep_8431 shared a tip "definitely! i think it’s very original"

Cheryl Petursson's profile image

cheryl_petursson shared a tip "I really like it. I have turn my kids onto it as well."

Heather Glasier's profile image

heather_glasier shared a tip "Great stories to listen to on a walk or your commute."

Aidan Baker's profile image

aidan_baker_5162 shared a tip "Great stories, very in depth, and can be crude so watch out"

Henry Dennen's profile image

henry_dennen shared a tip "Interesting, funny, clever, amazing storytelling, and just overall the best podcast for stories of myths and legends!"

Amberly Garcia's profile image

amberly_garcia shared a tip "If you like mythology and folk lore you'll love it! Jason is funny and puts a modern spin on them."

Jessica Watson's profile image

jessicarobyn shared a tip "Well told stories with a good sense of humour."

Jean-Paul Markos's profile image

jpmarkos shared a tip "I find it ok. I have really enjoyed the Parcast Newtwork podcasts. They also have a Myhtology specific podcast. Great stuff!"

DF 's profile image

df16 shared a tip "Unexplained Mysteries is another good one I like!"

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