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B- |Short scenes of a zombie apocalypse. But pay attention, and you’ll see how they all intertwine and relate. Someone in the background of one scene will be the main character of another. Love the character building in the short amount of time we get to know the different characters. Well done to the writers, directors, and cinematographers! And they’re FAST running zombies, not the kind that only lumber and growl. So when the chase is on, your hearts pounding! Twists and turns in each segment!

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Black Summer

Shows | Drama

How am I multiple decades old and JUST watching this for the first time?! Loved it!

It's a Wonderful Life imageIt's a Wonderful Life image

It's a Wonderful Life

Movies | Drama

One minute you’re on the edge of your seat, the next you’re laughing your butt off! So good on so many levels. The show of the year.

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Shows | Drama

C+ | I’m a massive comic book fan, so when TV/Film started bringing them to life I was ecstatic. Have never jumped on the Superman bandwagon though. Didn’t watch any other shows with him as a main character (Smallville, Etc). But was intrigued at the concept of him having sons. Surprisingly, I actually dug this series. The exploration of the boys, their plight, and good ol’ Superman heroics was a lot of fun.

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Superman & Lois

Shows | Action & Adventure

A+ | I squeal every time someone brings up this show. To say I loved it, is to say the least. I definitely have an affinity for the first season, but the whole series was intriguingly good!! Definitely unique in it’s premise. And the twists and turns are very different than what American shows would allow. You definitely get invested and don’t always assume you know what’s going to happen. Again, this is NOT American TV. Worth a watch for the humor alone. So glad I stumbled across it!

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A- | One of the most accurate comic to film adaptations ever made.

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Movies | Action

B+ | Definitely deserves to be the flagship in the creation of it’s own universe of super powered folks. Like, why couldn’t we focus on the origin stories of villains (ala Joker and Black Adam). Would love to know more about what happens next!!!!

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Movies | Horror

A- | I, legit, was heartbroken when Netflix cancelled the series. There was so much more to tell in this storyline. The first season kept you on the edge. Erupting into an epic finale. The second season tickled your curiosity by expanding the mythology of the show’s universe. It was all so intriguing. A unique storyline that deserved to breath a little more. It’s a mysteriously delectable fantasy tale that’ll leave you wanting to learn “the movements”. 🤣Ya gotta watch the show to understand.😉

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The OA

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A- | I loved this show! So rare to find a unique Universe that stimulates your mind in such a way that you become invested and also unsure what could happen next. A good chunk of sexuality! Orgies, and bare butts and boobs. But it doesn’t overtake the storylines. Wish there could have been at least one more season to explore some of the other sense8’s in the world and more exploration into origins and possible future. Loved it, and felt invested in the characters. Shouldnt’ve been can cancelled!

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Shows | Action & Adventure

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