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Apollo Kronfeld


This book is amazing. This author has such an amazing way of writing.

Over the Woodward Wall imageOver the Woodward Wall image

Over the Woodward Wall

Books | A. Deborah Baker

Again I'm impressed by this wayward children series book. Mcguire's writing is profound and beutiful. It sparks amazing thinking about many important things. This book is even better than the last. It's intense and emotional. Definitely a reccomended read.

Come Tumbling Down imageCome Tumbling Down image

Come Tumbling Down

Books | Seanan McGuire

Another amazing addition to the wayward children series. The message of this story and the clear thought behind each word is fascinating and amazing. Seanan mcguire is truly an amazing author. I highly recommend this book and whole series.

In an Absent Dream imageIn an Absent Dream image

In an Absent Dream

Books | Seanan McGuire

Another amazing book in the Wayward children series. I can not reccomend this enough. It has a lot of intrigue, intense action and emotion, and great world and character building. On top of it all it has lgbtq representation.

Down Among the Sticks and Bones imageDown Among the Sticks and Bones image

Down Among the Sticks and Bones

Books | Seanan McGuire

I thought this book was ok. I think it had not enough complexness and too much simple fighting. It would be good if you need to get out a reading slum because it is very straightforward and easy to read.

Orphan X imageOrphan X image

Orphan X

Books | Gregg Hurwitz

This book is amazing! It is a great mix of mystery and fantasy and has great world building. The story and characters are very relatable. Lots of cool twists and turns. On top of that is has great LGBTQ+ representation. I 100% reccomend this book.

Every Heart a Doorway imageEvery Heart a Doorway image

Every Heart a Doorway

Books | Seanan McGuire

Its a really good read. Lots of interesting twists and creates an amazing universe. I liked it a lot.

The Rithmatist imageThe Rithmatist image

The Rithmatist

Books | Brandon Sanderson

This book has more twists and turns and betrayals then anything I've ever read. It is such an adventure to read. Also a complete tear jerker and heart wrencher. Amazing book. It is a little bit gory.

Red Queen imageRed Queen image

Red Queen

Books | Victoria Aveyard

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