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Good god I need to read more.


Instantly one of my favorite things I've ever read. It's almost weird how well Gideon the Ninth suits my tastes; Complex world building with minimal exposition, queer main characters with depth and personality, excellent humor mixed with tragedy, and the fight scenes are rad as hell. Can't wait to read the next one!

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Gideon the Ninth


If went into this movie blind, you'd be forgiven for spending the first 30 minutes or so thinking it was a competent sci-fi flavored critique of capitalism. Once Roddy Piper gets the sunglasses and starts spitting out one-liners and shooting people it completely goes off the rails. It's a fun, stupid movie that almost has something to say for two seconds before it gets distracted by something shiny. 10/10, would kick ass and chew bubblegum again.

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They Live

Movies | Science Fiction

Anti-capitalism with style. Love the characters, love the writing, everything about it is just *chef's kiss*.

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Squid Game

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