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Destiny Matthews



Just a bookworm living in a dystopian world. Now if you'll excuse me I think I'll curl up and join my favorite characters on their next adventure. 📖⚔🗡🤺📚


I absolutely loved this series as a small tween! Absolutely HATED the movie though it ruined it. 😒

The Cirque Du Freak Collection imageThe Cirque Du Freak Collection image

The Cirque Du Freak Collection

Books | Darren Shan

This book made me physically sick to my stomach, but that's the risk you take with some horrors. Definitely makes you think if our society would come to this how disgusting and scary it would be. I definitely would say read at your own risk, especially if your sensitive or have a weak stomach. Overall they only thing I'd change is some of the writing style it's just not my cup of tea. We'd be in present day and than all the sudden we'd jump back to his old days. Which would trip me up at points.

Tender Is the Flesh imageTender Is the Flesh image

Tender Is the Flesh

Books | Agustina Bazterrica

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