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Boi trying to make a show instead is just watching many other shows.


This movie is so amazing and I honestly feel if you're 40 years old or younger this will be amazing viewing for you and the story is brilliant in the comedy and in the emotional points, this is the first movie to make me laugh and cry within 15 minutes. This movie is really great and I'm willing to purchase this movie once it is available for digital or even better for Blu-ray.

Everything Everywhere All at Once imageEverything Everywhere All at Once image

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Movies | Action

I don't know why I just love every time there's a kissing joke

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Smiling Friends

Shows | Animation

Great animation with a great story that contains a twist

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Shows | Animation

First I'm going to talk about Haley Seinfeld seemingly being typecast as problematic daughter who lost their father, and why is it seemingly in everything she's involved in. Secondly I really like this movie I think it's pretty relevant with my current predicament and it's kind of refreshing can I be self aware about how stupid everything is.

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The Edge of Seventeen

Movies | Comedy

I'm more so commenting on the whole home era of Spider-Man, honestly I really like the portrayal of Spider-Man in this movie, they solidified how emotionally heart drenching Spider-Man as a character could be that I feel no prior portrayal of him ever achieved.

Spider-Man: No Way Home imageSpider-Man: No Way Home image

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Movies | Action

Personally wasn't interested in the next saga of the MCU, but this movie made me excited for it, and I personally think it's one of the best solo outing from marvel as of recently.

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Movies | Action

This movie f-word -ing slaps, this visual sense of the movie was far beyond what I was expecting, especially since I watched it in 3D. The narrative of the movie also just keeps going and I'm like heck yeah. So please watch this movie, I'm definitely going to soon purchase a physical copy, now that I seen it through streaming.

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