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Erika Hylton



Travis Fimmel is all I have to say.

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Shows | Action & Adventure

This film is certainly a thriller.

The Prestige imageThe Prestige image

The Prestige

Movies | Drama

If you like a good crime drama, here is one.

4 Blocks image4 Blocks image

4 Blocks

Shows | Drama

The authenticity is remarkable and series premise definitely keeps you on your seat's edge.

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Shows | Crime

Can't go wrong with a Tarantino classic.

Reservoir Dogs imageReservoir Dogs image

Reservoir Dogs

Movies | Crime

This horror comedy makes for an entertaining night and some sketchy alliances.

Eat Locals imageEat Locals image

Eat Locals

Movies | Action

Quentin Tarantino is always a good choice. Jackie Brown does not disappoint.

Jackie Brown imageJackie Brown image

Jackie Brown

Movies | Crime

Skinwalker ranch definitely lives up to it's name.

Skinwalker Ranch imageSkinwalker Ranch image

Skinwalker Ranch

Movies | Thriller

Archer is top of his class 🤯

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Shows | Action & Adventure

Steve Buscemi and Michael Shannon do a superb job among an already ideal cast.

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Boardwalk Empire

Shows | Drama

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