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I absolutely loved this movie!! Eye-catching, funny, and full of gorgeous story! I walked into this film expecting to hear the same story, but with a guilt trip for the villain. I walked out having watched one of my favorite Disney films of all time. Definitely going to watch again very soon. Disney really stepped up their game for this one. A must watch. I also have the sudden urge to dye and bleach my hair... #fashion_and_style

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Movies | Comedy

The way the monster moves is I think the most unsettling, and the eyes freaked me out. They really spent time on the design for them and it shows. Not to mention when they talk. Gave me some chills for sure. Jeffrey Dean Morgan did great too. Saw this with someone who's a big fan of his stuff. So, overall, it was a great watch.

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The Unholy

Movies | Horror

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