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This movie is based on a true story of Elisabeth Fritzl. A father locks his daughter in the basement for 20+ years, raping and assaulting her, and even fathering multiple children with her. Meanwhile, her mom and sister live upstairs and believe she ran away to start a new life away in Florida. The movie is not an easy one to watch. Reading the true story is even more devastating.

Girl in the Basement imageGirl in the Basement image

Girl in the Basement

Movies | Crime

This movie in my opinion spells out a lot of details so it may come off as slow movie. There is unbelievable plot developments, and nail biting twists and turns. Great movie!

The Next Three Days imageThe Next Three Days image

The Next Three Days

Movies | Romance

This movie is a masterpiece action/thriller. Through the movie Denzel Washington's character stay relaxed and calm it doesn't matter what the situation is. Through out the movie your eyes will be glued to every scene. Great Movie! Part 2 is a gotta watch as well.

The Equalizer imageThe Equalizer image

The Equalizer

Movies | Thriller

Keanu Reeves is phenomenal in this action packed movie. Great story line, great acting, non stop action.

John Wick imageJohn Wick image

John Wick

Movies | Action

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