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Not much Unique I grew up watching a lot of vhs and tv shows.


So I really enjoyed this even tho I feel like it was made to girls to ship characters. Aside from I think it's fun ride about sharing a hobby your true friends, and making lasting memories. The only thing that made me feel uncomfortable was the antagonist. To be honest character seems to be a freak that I really feel should be on a predators' list. Kinda was hoping he was he would be in jail by the end but nah dude probably won't see bars. Check it if you just want vibe of an anime.

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SK8 the Infinity

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I've got nostalgia for it not as good as the movie people compare it to, but your feel robin really carrys jumanji it above and beyond. The set design pretty good considering is sci-fi.

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Zathura: A Space Adventure

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