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Jayden Rose


Sooo good!! Amazing love story and makes you wonder what's next. Helps you understand truly what the main character feels and teaches you the reality of schizophrenia

Words on Bathroom Walls imageWords on Bathroom Walls image

Words on Bathroom Walls

Books | Julia Walton

EVERY teen should read this! Such a lesson to learn and puts you in the perspective of the main character. Such good details!!

Girl in Pieces imageGirl in Pieces image

Girl in Pieces

Books | Kathleen Glasgow

Such a great coming to age book and I think that every teen should experience this amazing read

The Way I Used to Be imageThe Way I Used to Be image

The Way I Used to Be

Books | Amber Smith

Such a great book. Really puts the viewer in the pov of the main character. Such a good love and survival story

Where She Fell imageWhere She Fell image

Where She Fell

Books | Kaitlin Ward

I'm in love with this book. It's an easy read and moves quickly. It has a growing love story that keeps u hooked right in. It shows women's power and a lot of unexpected twists.

Not If I Save You First imageNot If I Save You First image

Not If I Save You First

Books | Ally Carter

I'm in love with any topic that involves young people falling for each other. A fast moving book is just what I need. It takes time to find a book that I can keep focus on and not get bored, which may make me selective, but this book fit my need 100%. Every time I felt myself dozing off or getting to the point where I stop recalling information I just read, something happens that pulls me back in. Im addicted to this book! I would recommend if reading is a challenge for you, like it is for me!<3

Only Love Can Break Your Heart imageOnly Love Can Break Your Heart image

Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Books | Katherine Webber

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