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Libby Samuelson



professional: binge-watching, rosé, crafting, dance move creator, recycling, smiler

Dive sports bar on 65th! small but fun for a small group. Good pizza and draft beer cider and sours

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The Dray

708 NW 65th ST, Seattle

Restaurants | Beer, Wine & Spirits

As a seattle native, i tend to ignore touristy places but they did an amazing job renovating with glass everywhere!! TIP: try going for sunset on a clear day and get 360 views of seattle

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Space Needle

400 Broad ST, Seattle

Places | Observatories

Seen it twice already and just as good both times. FUN FACT: Lady and Bradley played at stagecoach and Glastonbury festival in the movie so they could really capture the true essence of the crowd

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A Star Is Born

Movies | Drama

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