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I love great storytelling. Narratives and storytelling are the way we move the energy from one dimension to the next. It’s sacred and spiritual work. Commodification does not change that…we have to start remembering. 🖤


Fun show. Never boring. Gives you story DOWN. Gets a little capitalist/conservative America propaganda-y sometimes, but it’s still an incredibly enjoyable watch. Kevin Costner still the coolest dude in the room. Kelly Reilly is having the time of her damn life and so are we watching her do so. I know the gay Republicans go up for her ass 🤣

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Shows | Drama

A balm for millennial black folks. Issa Rae, Melina Matsoukas, and Prentice Penny told our story. Upwardly mobile black people born in the eighties are sooooo specific and thank God we had this mirror to let us see ourselves through truthfulness, heart and uproarious laughter. Brava guys!

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Shows | Comedy

Will Smith does truly phenomenal work here. His Oscar is all but engraved and what a wonderful moment that will be to witness. Very inspiring film. Well shot, edited, written, and acted. The actors playing Venus and Serena are delightful. The real secret sauce though, is a powerhouse performance by Aunjanue Ellis.

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King Richard

Movies | Drama

Pitch perfect. Last season was trash but that was Spacey’s fault.

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House of Cards

Shows | Drama

Hilarious. Incredible performances. Especially from the central trio of Stone, Weisz, and the dynamic Olivia Colman.

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The Favourite

Movies | Drama

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