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This show has comedy & adult joke's /it is a family friendly show i love it & it has joey from friends ( How You Doing 🤣 ) & it has some real life family mile stone's in it as well i would definitely say it is a must see show. In my Opinion ❤#comedy #family_friendly #family_and_relationships #must_watch

Man with a Plan imageMan with a Plan image

Man with a Plan

Shows | Comedy

This show is like a adult version of disney story's we were told/watch as kids growing up !😃😄 this show has some amazing story line's this is a must watch for sure !😁 you can thank me haha #drama #disney #must_watch #heartpulling #familyshow #epic_story-lines

Once Upon a Time imageOnce Upon a Time image

Once Upon a Time

Shows | Drama

This show has sweet moments,funny moments,heart pulling moments & some filp around turn outs that sometime's you just don't see coming 😄 #comedy #drama

Hart of Dixie imageHart of Dixie image

Hart of Dixie

Shows | Drama

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