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What got me with this one was the monster. If you're a fan of the "horror creature" genre then 10/10 recommend this one. I had heard about how cool it was long before I watched it so I didn't get the "full experience" of witnessing it unbiased or without anticipation, but damn! It really paid off. Had me shocked at both the horror of the monster and just it's overall design. Scared me a fair bit too. I also love the frame work of the camera and the interwoven-ness of the flashbacks/nightmares

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The Ritual

Movies | Horror

Never thought I'd cry over rocks. Had me sobbing for hours. No spoilers but *******, if you haven't seen this movie, please do. 100/10, genuinely my favorite movie no question about it. Laughed a lot, cried alot, came out of it better then I was going in.

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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Movies | Action

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