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Rachel Therese



The grumpy sunshine plot isn’t unique. If I described it to you it wouldn’t sound all that interesting. BUT I really enjoyed it. I don’t usually read books quickly I finished this in two days.

The Fine Print Special Edition imageThe Fine Print Special Edition image

The Fine Print Special Edition

Books | Lauren Asher

Bone dog hardcover!! I really enjoyed this fairytale like fantasy. It is a unique story with equally well written unique characters. Like a demon inside a chicken!!! The middle gets slow but push through, it is worth it.

Nettle & Bone imageNettle & Bone image

Nettle & Bone

Books | T. Kingfisher

Loved this! Love the Scooby Doo references without it being obvious. The details and writing painted a great story.

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Meddling Kids

Books | Edgar Cantero

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