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Critical reading for anyone wanting to take a deep dive into Classical Greek culture and history. This tour will take readers from the lost civilizations of Minoa, through the Trojan war, to Sparta's "its complicated" relationship with Athens and Greece's golden age, punctuated by Alexander the Great's unifying campaign. All the while delving into the detailed worlds of War, politics, religion, art, culture, philosophy, drama and science, flawlessly narrated in Durrant's engaging style.

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The Life of Greece

Books | Will Durant

No podcast does a better job of introducing listeners to a wide variety of influential thinkers and world-shaking ideas. A+

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Philosophize This!

Podcasts | Philosophy

Weird, beautiful, meaningful. This allegorical film provides a new perspective of an ancient concept.

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Movies | Drama

A wildlife documentary unlike any other. This account of the animals of the serengeti follows the day to day life of several individuals, their challenges, opportunities and personalities in an incredibly intimate fashion. By the end, you will know these magnificent creatures on a personal level.

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Shows | Documentary

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