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I may live in the woods, but that doesn't mean I don't like movies.


One of the best bad movies. It's hilarious.

Con Air imageCon Air image

Con Air

Movies | Action

Satisfying occult action. The sequel is better, but this one is still good. Ron Perlman kills it.

Hellboy imageHellboy image


Movies | Fantasy

Idk how to explain it. There's a scene where a guy fistfights a werewolf. It's absolutely incredible.

Dog Soldiers imageDog Soldiers image

Dog Soldiers

Movies | Horror

Dude it's the best animated Disney movie. Fight me.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire imageAtlantis: The Lost Empire image

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Movies | Animation

Legitimately, it's probably the greatest movie of all time.

Aliens imageAliens image


Movies | Action

My personal favorite movie. It's just got some kinda charm, man. Endlessly quotable, too. It's an absolute banger.

Point Break imagePoint Break image

Point Break

Movies | Action

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